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AICC Road Show Makes First Stop in SoCal

May 9, 2024


Bay Cities hosts around 30 attendees from five companies for AICC’s first Road Show stop.

AICC held its first Road Show in March at Bay Cities, an active member of the AICC community, in Pico Rivera, California. The event attracted approximately 30 attendees from five companies, all eager to learn about the myriad benefits available to AICC members.

The Road Show features the extensive resources, networking opportunities, and educational programs offered by AICC to its members, reinforcing the Association’s commitment to supporting the growth and success of the independent.

“We were honored to host the first Road Show in collaboration with AICC, which proved to be an invaluable opportunity for our key managers, employees, regional members, and prospective members,” says Bay Cities Executive Vice President of Sales Sahar Mehrabzadeh. “The AICC experts shed light on the many benefits the Association offers such as unparalleled education, robust networking opportunities, resources, and insights into seminars and events that include the latest industry trends and technological advancements.

“This event wasn’t just successful; it was transformative for our team as we have integrated AICC’s offerings into our employee onboarding and training plans,” she continues. “Now, each manager has access to AICC’s comprehensive educational suite, equipping them with powerful tools to enhance their knowledge and performance. This exposure has significantly enriched our company’s understanding of the benefits AICC provides, enabling us to leverage these resources to elevate our business operations. The event was a pivotal moment, reinforcing the importance of continuous learning and networking to stay at the forefront of industry innovation. AICC remains an invaluable resource for our company.”

Bay Cities’ participation as the host for this Road Show stop underscored the company’s leadership within the AICC community and its dedication to fostering a collaborative and innovative industry environment. The event served as a platform for learning and networking and demonstrated the tangible benefits of AICC membership, including access to cutting-edge resources, professional development opportunities, and a supportive community of industry peers.

The AICC Road Show’s stop at Bay Cities is part of a broader initiative to engage with members across the United States, ensuring companies of all sizes and scopes can leverage the full spectrum of AICC membership advantages. The positive feedback and enthusiastic participation at this event reflect the value that AICC provides to its members and the industry.

If your company is interested in being a stop on the AICC Road Show, a no-cost member benefit, contact AICC Director of Membership and Marketing Virginia Humphrey at or 703-535-1383.