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Dücker Conveyor Systems

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=411width=260The Dücker Group is a privately owned family business which was originally founded in 1848. This long history started more than 170 years ago.

Dücker is a global manufacturer with high quality products. The company is active in many countries in terms of manufacturing solutions for the Corrugated Industry. The international companies include Dücker Robotics (Italy), Dücker Corrpal (Sweden), Dücker Prefeeder (Netherlands), Dücker Ringwood Automation (USA) and BHS Dücker Systems (China).

The company develops, designs and manufactures fully automatic material handling systems in particular for the Corrugated Board industry.

Reel Handling: Our automatic material handling systems in reel infeed, reel preparation and reel return transport increases the speed in the area of the wet ends.

Discharge: The discharge from the corrugator is highly efficient. By means of accumulation, doubling and turning of the stack, we can ensure ideal packages for the transfer cars.

WIP: High speed transfer cars ensure the transport in and out of the work-in-progress storage.

Finished Goods: Our pallet inserter enables the use of pallets precisely at the point at which they are really required.

Sheet Line: We effectively place your sheets on the pallets.

Robotics: The robot systems are offered for flexographic folding and gluing lines up to a width of 3,000 mm and for die-cutter lines up to a width of 2,100 mm.

Automation: Today’s technologies rely on electronics, mechanics and computer science. Correspondingly, the continuous technical change requires an ever larger integration of mechanical, electronic and programme-technical elements, be it in the execution of individual components, as machine or as complete systems.

Dücker lives Industry 4.0 and is known for its reliable premium products with outstanding quality. Based in Langenfeld in between Cologne and Düsseldorf in the Rhineland we easily serve not only Germany, the Benelux countries and France but also our customers worldwide.