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Felins, Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=1000width=342SIMPLIFY. SOLVE. SUSTAIN.

Increasing labor costs? Excessive packaging waste? Rework clogging your production line and profitability? Felins is all too familiar with seeing the hidden costs of their customers’ packaging pains from destroyed edges, ripped corners, jams from residue buildup, irreversible damage, and additional costs from compensating for lost product. The Felins team can help you solve these and implement a turnkey solution with their Corrugated Packaging Machines, which are designed with one important goal in mind: optimize product bundling to save both you and your customers time and money.


The equipment utilizes ultrasonic banding technology which works well to automatically secure boxes, unitize cartons, bundle die-cut and printed 4-point, 6-point and crash lock boxes, as well as POS displays. While it is common to use narrow, rigid plastic straps to bundle corrugate and printed stacks, this leads to damaged edges on the top and bottom pieces of the product, creating waste and increasing production costs. Felins’ corrugated packaging equipment provides a clean solution, with zero damage to the product and a material that is easily recyclable, promoting a sustainable packaging process.


Next year, Felins will celebrate 100 years of service as a long-standing leader of innovation in the packaging industry – continuing to empower companies, large and small, to simplify operations, solve inefficiencies, and sustain effective packaging processes with powerful solutions that reduce waste and maximize throughput (and profits)!

Felins’ full-service team of dedicated packaging professionals work around the clock to implement and maintain the best systems possible for each customer’s unique situation. Not only is the equipment high-quality, what sets them apart is the world-class service and support that each customer experiences even after the point of sale. Felins’ team prides themselves on not just getting the solutions in place, but building relationships and trust with their clients. This white-glove service matched with their passioned commitment to sustainability and professional playbook of non-traditional solutions has spoken for itself in the last 100 years in business, undoubtedly, securing Felins and their customers in a position to thrive for another 100.

Seth has been with Felins since 2012. He focuses on working with end customers and distribution channels to help identify bundling solutions that help reduce material costs, labor, and increase throughput. Reach out today to see what we can do for you.

width=156Seth McNally

Midwest & International Sales Manager