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Price & Pierce International Inc., Division of OVOL

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

Since 1869, Price & Pierce has been synonymous with global supply chain for premium containerboard, paper, and related substrates. Our value to the independent box manufacturing communities is unparalleled, bringing the world to their plant! Our experience has resulted in long-standing relationships with customers, suppliers, and organizations with capabilities that allow us to transact in any market worldwide.

Price & Pierce is part of OVOL, a global network with annual revenues exceeding USD $5 billion. OVOL (Japan Pulp & Paper) is one of the world’s largest independent distributors of forest products in the world.

  • 50 offices—In 22 countries, staffed with experienced professionals who understand how to deliver what is needed in their local markets.
  • 10 divisions—Each providing a full spectrum of paper, pulp, and consultative supply chain services.
  • Customer focus—We provide systems, insight, and support to help you meet your overall business goals, not just your delivery date.

Though we are global, our strength is how we execute on a local basis. Our people welcome the opportunity to help our customers find the right mix of price, quality, and service. Each customer enjoys a platform that is constructed around their unique requirements. Our services extend beyond price … mill/product strategic sourcing, demand forecasting and production planning, financing, logistics, and staying current with international trading terms and customs requirements. We deliver a comprehensive global supply chain management program so that you never run out of paper.

Our products are custom-matched or developed to our customers’ most exacting requirements along with custom warehousing options for customer dedicated stock. We are excited about paper packaging and have a wide offering of substrates in both virgin kraft and recycled containerboard/testliner, both brown and white top (coated and uncoated), and our products perform for a range of conversion and printing techniques, including digital print. Just ask us!

In the North American Market, we proudly represent Hamburger Containerboard which is part of the Austrian based Prinzhorn group. With over 2.47 Million TPY of production capacity and box plants of their own, Hamburger Containerboard is one of Europe’s leading corrugated manufacturers. As an integrated company Hamburger Containerboard will have a greater understanding of your plant and will provide higher quality technical sales service than a non-integrated producer can.

As requirements for print quality evolve along with environmental concerns, Hamburger’s White Top grades made from 100% post consumer waste should be an important consideration for your substrate needs. Hamburger is the market leader in coated and uncoated white top testliner. With the major investments they’ve recently made, they are about to get a lot better.

At their Trostberg mill in Germany they have successfully installed a new curtain coater which will improve the quality of the smoothness, gloss, color shade, and overall runnability and printability of their coated grades. With these improvements Hamburger plans to re-launch its coated white top product line next year.

At their Spremberg mill, also in Germany, Hamburger is expanding their production capacity another 500,000 tpy. This will be one of the most modern and efficient paper mills in Europe producing high quality white and brown containerboard grades.

Please contact us to find out more.

width=120James Costenbader

President, Price & Pierce