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January 12, 2024

Solutions for folding a square box

Box customers across the country are demanding higher quality finished cartons as their needs change. Sauer System provides a comprehensive lineup of tooling, upgrades, and services that help converters improve their machines and processes to fold a square box.

G3 male scorers and precision-
ground bonded polyurethane female scorers. Proper scoring is essential to folding a square box. Sauer System’s proprietary G3 male scorers are the industry leading male scoring profile concept, allowing for a deep and precise score line without the risk of liner cracking. G3 scorers can be customized to specific applications. Sauer System bonded female scorers are designed to run against the male scorers. They feature polyurethane that has been ground to a precise finish to ensure even score pressure across the shafts.

Precision manufactured heads and yokes. To achieve a square box, sheets must be fed through the machine without skewing. Sauer System heads are designed with exacting outer diameter tolerances for proper board transfer. In addition, the heads must have proper alignment on the shafts. Sauer System provides yoke upgrades that are designed to help maintain proper alignment.

Folding section sheet control solutions. The folding section presents opportunities for boxes in the folding process to twist or skew. Sauer System offers several upgrades that prevent this from happening. Roller Eliminator Upgrades replace pressure hold-down rollers and other loose independent rollers in the folding section with a continuous spring-loaded pressure shoe that maintains continuous nip pressure on boxes transferring through the folding section. FRX Adjustable Folding Rod Upgrades allow box flaps to fold correctly in a smooth motion.

Field service and training. This final step in the process is to ensure that the converting machine is in proper working order and that the crews running the machine are aware of how to run it correctly. Sauer System’s team of experienced technicians create customized programs and work alongside maintenance teams and operators to ensure everyone involved understands the process of folding a square box.

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Peter Sauer
Vice President of Sales

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