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SUN Automation Group

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021


While there have certainly been some ominous forecasts about the future of the global economy, SUN Automation Group® continues to be a bright spot on the horizon of the corrugated industry. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented levels of pressure on the corrugated industry, SUN has reached significant milestones over the last year, including celebrating its 35th anniversary and placing the 100th Latitude Machinery Corporation (LMC) machine in the United States market. SUN’s extensive offerings and resources are positioning the corrugated industry for continued success into the future, no matter what challenges it may bring.

In just over a year since forging a strategic partnership as the exclusive North and Central American representative for all Latitude Machinery Corporation (LMC) machinery, SUN is proud to announce that it has placed LMC’s 100th machine in the US market. LMC is a rapidly growing and world-class Taiwanese manufacturer of Flexo Folder Gluers, Rotary Die Cutters and other solutions to the corrugated industry.

LMC’s P2200 Jumbo FFG has top speeds of 100 kpm and with a standard SUN Automation Feeder Transmission, SUN Licensed wheel box and a fixed frame design that can be quickly opened for cleaning and maintenance, it is a popular option for box plants looking for a true Jumbo 86 repeat. LMC’s PP6618 Mini FFG, with top speeds of 400 kpm, highlights just how diverse an arsenal of bespoke equipment is available to box plants – designed to support corrugated needs of all shapes and sizes. These machines and more are fully supported by the SUN service and support guarantee.

With the largest inventory of parts in the United States, with many ready to ship same-day and overnight, SUN Automation Group is committed to the sustained success of its customers. This commitment goes beyond simply supplying the necessary parts – it also centers around providing customers with all the necessary support needed to keep their machines running optimally, without interruption or the need of a service plan. As box-making plants are pushed to their capacity limits and supply chains face ongoing challenges, this universal support enables customers to proceed confidently, knowing that they can count on their equipment to run efficiently around the clock. And with a growing staff of service and support technicians around the world, SUN is ready and uniquely equipped to handle any customer need, regardless of location.

SUN is further supporting corrugated box plants by helping them to get the most out of their existing machinery and equipment, and ultimately stretch their budgets in a time of economic uncertainty. As the financial effects stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic approach a fourth consecutive fiscal quarter, many corrugated plants are facing difficult budgetary decisions, particularly concerning investments in larger-scale equipment purchases. SUN recognizes these challenges and offers diagnostic screenings to help detect minor impacting output and performance of their existing machines, and to remedy them before they lead to major .

Older machines are also often not functioning to their full capacity. SUN helps customers bring their workhorse machines back to OEM specification or better, not only keeping them running, but also increasing their output and making them more productive and profitable. These cost-effective solutions help SUN customers remain competitive and financially viable by stretching budgets and maximizing existing machinery while incorporating new technology previously unavailable on older models.

In looking ahead, SUN seeks to continue to meet customer demands by working tirelessly to be a trusted partner and employ a “culture of listening.” Whether that means servicing equipment and supplying parts, fulfilling new orders, establishing new partnerships or innovating new solutions, SUN plans to answer the demands of today as well as tomorrow.

With so many happenings going on, SUN encourages visits to its state-of-the-art facility in Glen Arm, Maryland. To contact directly call: 410-472-2900 or visit:


SUN Automation Group® is a global industry leader providing corrugated box plants with innovative equipment for feeding, printing and converting. The wide range of products are proven solutions for increasing production, efficiency, and profitability. With 24/7 on-site technical support, SUN Automation is known for its exceptional service and care. Headquartered outside of Baltimore, MD, SUN Automation has service centers around the globe. To keep up to date with SUN Automation’s innovations and news, visit