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Civic Duty Notice: 2022 Economic Census

By AICC Staff

September 13, 2023

The due date for responding to the 2022 Economic Census has passed, but it is not too late to respond. Businesses that received an invitation to respond but have not yet replied are receiving past due notices with instructions on how to respond and, if needed, how to receive assistance. Response to the economic census is required by law. Economic census data serves as the foundation for the gross domestic product and other leading economic indicators for the nation. Trade associations, economic development agencies, governments, and individual businesses use the data to make decisions and create policies. By completing the economic census, companies contribute to a wealth of valuable data that can help grow their business. Data compiled from the 2022 Economic Census is possible only because of the participation of businesses such as yours. Your response makes a difference. All responses are confidential. Visit or scan the QR code at right to get started.