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A High Bar

By Michael D'Angelo

July 24, 2019

width=226It is with great honor and humility that I “pen” the first Final Score column that does not have a Steve Young byline since BoxScore debuted in March/April 1984. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mike D’Angelo, and after serving for nearly three years on the AICC staff (and for close to 20 years before that as an AICC Associate member), I have succeeded Steve Young as the president of this great Association. I am grateful to the AICC board of directors for their confidence and to the membership for their support. You can learn more about me elsewhere in this issue of BoxScore.

At AICC headquarters in Alexandria, Va., there are two plaques on the wall outside the conference room. One contains the names of the members of the AICC Hall of Fame, and the other contains the names of the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation’s Circle of Distinguished Leaders. These men and women have been or are visionaries, trendsetters, disruptors, and shapers of the paper-based packaging industries and this very Association. From time to time I stop, take a moment, and look at the names. I have had the pleasure of personally knowing and working with many of these luminaries and have heard many stories about the others. We’re lucky indeed to have so many of them still contributing today to their companies and to AICC. A high bar for accomplishment.

AICC is very much a member-driven organization, primarily through the activities of its board of directors and the activities of the various committees on which members serve. This keeps the programs and initiatives of AICC timely and relevant to the needs and the goals of the membership, both boxmakers and suppliers. I am constantly impressed by the amount of time these volunteers share through their participation on conference calls and at meetings. They are confident and not at all shy. They are filled with ideas, encouragement, and challenges to the status quo and have kept AICC innovative and moving forward for decades. A high bar for engagement.

Throughout my years in the industry, there was always a notable difference between AICC and other associations: The members were so open and willing to share with each other, opening up their plants, talking about best practices, thinking with the best interests of the industry at heart. This always impressed me. During the past three years on staff, I have been an even closer witness to this remarkable and unique trait. A high bar for altruism.

For the past three years, I’ve gotten to know well the AICC staff that serves you, the members. Their knowledge of how to best accomplish their work, their willingness to listen and be open-minded, their constant seeking to improve the operations and the deliverables of AICC, their spirit of teamwork in helping each other in getting the task completed and moving on to the next thing, and the commitment they make to assist any member is inspirational. Please know that they work extremely hard for you. A high bar for responsibility.

One man who has made such an indelible mark on AICC, the respect that it has, what it is, and what it represents is Steve Young. A high bar for excellence.

These are all in my thoughts as I embark on the journey as the third chief executive of AICC. They will guide my activities and my service to the membership, to the board, to the committees, to the staff, to other associations, and to this great industry. So much has been accomplished through the efforts of so many through AICC, and there is so much yet for us to do.

A high bar indeed.






Michael D’Angelo

AICC President