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Sustainability: Achieving Carbon Neutrality

November 13, 2023

In an era when environmental concerns have become paramount, consumers and clients increasingly demand transparency and tangible actions when it comes to sustainability. Meeting this demand requires more than just providing renewable and recyclable products; it necessitates a deeper understanding of the carbon footprint and a commitment to reducing it. AICC, in collaboration with the Packaging School, recognizes this pressing need and has responded with a transformative four-phase carbon neutrality program designed to empower its members.

Michelle Conca, one of the participants from Abbott-Action Inc., explains the value her company found by participating: “We successfully completed the Carbon Neutrality Program, by AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, and the Packaging School. As we pause to reflect on our journey through this program, we are deeply grateful for the wealth of knowledge we have gained, which will undoubtedly enhance our sustainability endeavors.

“In this program, our Abbott-Action team transformed a standard oversized kraft shipping box, known for excessive dunnage use, into a compact, eco-friendly solution. We utilized 100% recyclable corrugated materials, optimized dimensions to align with Amazon’s SIOC (ships in our container) packaging guidelines, and bolstered protection with corrugated partitions. Notably, we offset the box’s carbon emissions through meaningful investments in carbon offsetting programs, marking a significant step toward sustainability,” she says.

“This comprehensive program has not only equipped us with the tools to fluently speak the language of sustainability but has also enabled us to align our sustainability objectives with the United Nations’ global goals. Additionally, it has empowered us to develop and implement new sustainable system designs while providing us with the means to accurately measure our packaging’s carbon footprint. This newfound insight will be instrumental in guiding our carbon offsetting strategies as we work toward achieving carbon neutrality,” she adds.

“We look forward to putting these newly acquired tools to good use, especially in measuring and effectively communicating our carbon footprint and offsetting efforts to our valued customers and prospective partners. By doing so, we aim to empower them to make informed and conscious choices when it comes to packaging solutions.”

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