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Air Systems Design, Inc.

January 23, 2024

The Past Few Years

For the past 41 years, ASDI has been providing quality Pneumatic Conveying and Mechanical Belt Conveying Systems for the Corrugated Paper Industry. There are several different types of systems being “turnkeyed” in this industry. The most popular over the past few years are the cyclone system, the indoor separator system, and the mechanical conveyor in a trench system.

For the Sheet Plants, the sequential system using one fan for as many as four to five machines has offered them savings on the electrical power and starting investment by using less CFM. Regardless of the type of system that is used, ASDI provides a design that is safe and maximizes the production for each machine.

Corrugator Plants themselves are now using shredders in different areas of the corrugator. ASDI has installed shredders at the “rotary shear” section and the waste eject at the “cut-off knife” area. ASDI has used a wide conveyor to take reject sheets from one area to another allowing the use of one shredder instead of two. More shredders are being used at the wet end. The new plant systems over the past few years have been using as many as three shredders, all able to run at one time, demanding a larger baler for the plants.

The dust that comes from shredders and paper handling fans is becoming more of a housekeeping issue than ever before. ASDI had been using state-of-the-art filters with bags or cartridges as well as three different style drum filters. All of these are under negative air and use a clean air fan with a VFD to match the CFM that is coming from the cyclone or separator system. This keeps the baler room very clean, and the dust captured is going to a briquetter. All filter equipment meets the NFPA guidelines.

Addressing noise on the roof and/or inside the plant has also driven our corrugator customers into new projects. Some of the noise is caused by the board hitting the fan wheels and/or coming out of the cyclone discharge. ASDI has a full line of fan sound jackets, sound enclosures and we make the new cyclone quieter by using a proven sound board in particular areas of the cyclone that suppresses the noise. Also, we use in-line silencers on the fans when we do this, which also helps lower the noise coming from the cyclone.

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