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Amtech Software

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


Innovation & Integration Powering the Independent Packaging Industry

Since 1981, Amtech has continuously delivered forward-thinking innovation and technology for the corrugated and packaging industries. Our completely integrated family of software, solutions, and technology ensures our customers achieve operational and bottom-line excellence throughout their entire business.

Our EnCore ERP solution provides the packaging industry with a system rich in powerful features and tools designed to streamline operations, stay ahead of business needs, make intelligent business decisions, enhance customer relationships, improve bottom-line performance, and increase enterprise value.

The Smart Factory Scheduling Solutions Suite is the industry’s most advanced and integrated scheduling system. By starting with a complete roll stock supply chain system, you can proactively control and manage your inventory while creating confidence in schedules for the corrugator, converting, and shipping.

When producing schedules for your corrugator and converting operations, the system utilizes its built-in intelligence to deliver multiple solutions ranked based on your specific business needs. This allows your scheduler to adapt more quickly to the plant’s needs while balancing customer demands with variable constraints in both production and shipping.

ScoreKeeper is a machine-agnostic solution that provides accurate, real-time information and minimizes data entry by the machine operator. Real-time data (such as machine speed or kicks per minute) is recorded automatically in real time. The result is that you can see the actual state of the machine whether it is in setup or running or down, how long it has been in setup, the speed at which it is running, etc. You do not have to wait for the operator to input the job state or the number of pieces. Also provided is a detailed chronology of events for the machine such as when the operator logged in and started the machine, the orders ran, the states for each order as they are running, the setup time, speeds, and downtime. The server provides the information in the form of dashboards at the supervisor’s or manager’s desktop or tablet.

With complete integration and information delivered in real time across the enterprise accuracy is improved. Your entire operation can plan effectively and communicate the right information to your customers to ensure on-time delivery of high-quality products.

Amtech provides our customers with a one-stop shop for complete technology services and support from managing Amtech software to the computing platforms they run on. Maximize your equipment investments, lower your operating costs, reduce manpower needs, and decrease head count.

Contact Amtech Software sales at 215-639-9540 or to schedule a no-obligation demo of our software and services today!