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January 23, 2024

Mastering Corrugated With Apex Roll Solutions

Apex International is a leading manufacturer of innovative roll solutions designed to master corrugated manufacturing and printing. With seven global production facilities, a strong portfolio of clients
in over 110 countries, and a high-
performance continuous improvement culture, Apex is committed to developing solutions that meet the needs and goals of today’s converters. Manufactured with the highest TIR and OD tolerances, all Apex anilox rolls and glue sets are engineered for the highest quality and performance.

GTT 2.0 Anilox Roll for Mastering Corrugated Print

Apex has refined their patented GTT 2.0 open slalom channel anilox engraving to help corrugated printers master quality and consistency and meet the demands of today’s brands. The patented open slalom channel geometry has a reduced channel depth and no wall obstructions to allow ink and coating to easily flow throughout. This eliminates many common print defects such as ink spitting, foaming, pinholing, mottling, and more. The GTT innovation is extremely durable, optimizes ink laydown, reduces ink waste, and requires less cleaning than traditional HEX geometries. With GTT 2.0, boxmakers run the press faster with less drying time, avoid print defects and ink waste, achieve elaborate print designs, and extend anilox usage with minimal cleaning downtime. Scan the QR code to learn more on our blog.

Accora Glue Sets for Board Quality and Savings

Accora glue sets are engineered for the closest and most consistent gap possible in board manufacturing,
down to 0.007″. Manufactured to the tightest TIR and OD tolerances, Corrugators utilizing Accora save on starch consumption while achieving a quality bond across the board. The high-performance Apex glue sets enable faster production speeds, reduced glue consumption, easier cleanup, job repeatability, and longer roll life. The durable Apex construction also resists flaking, scoring, and corrosion, impacting board quality tremendously. Scan the QR code to learn more on our blog.

2023 Year in Review

Apex International was proud to announce the following achievements in 2023:

  • Ruud Van Cuijk was appointed the new CEO of Apex International.
  • Apex fueled global growth with a major expansion of company headquarters and global production facilities.

Apex created a new standard for anilox quality control with MicroDynamics.

We look forward to another year of innovation and collaboration with our industry boxmaker partners. Contact our team today and master corrugated print and board quality with Apex roll solutions. To learn more, visit

Farrah Nuzzo
Global Marketing Coordinator

Aaron Lessing
VP of Business Development

Ken Ralton
VP of Sales—North America