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ARC International

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


Whether you’re a box plant with a corrugator, laminator and multiple flexo folder-gluers and die-cutters, or merely a sheet plant with a few converting machines, your equipment utilizes many types of rollers that need to be reconditioned or replaced from time to time. With all the supply chain nightmares that our industry is facing recently, having to deal with multiple vendors even adds to those headaches!

ARC International, with manufacturing plants in Charlotte, NC and Las Vegas, NV, is your full-service supplier of the following rollers for the corrugator: single facer applicator/meter, pressure, infeed, splicer, glue machine applicator/meter and pull/exit knife rollers. Applicator rollers are clad with stainless steel and come with a 5-year guarantee against rust or delamination. These have become an industry standard due to their durability and longevity! Meter rollers are offered with tungsten carbide and many other standard surfaces such as stainless steel and chrome, while knife rollers are covered with an array of surfaces—tungsten, molybdenum, stainless or carboxylated nitrile.

For flexo folder-gluers and die-cutters, ARC offers the following: upper/lower feed rollers in single or dual durometer, laser anilox, wiper, impression and creaser rollers. ARC utilizes the latest fiber optic laser engraving technology to produce the following engravings: Opticell™ 60-degree, HV™ (High Volume) 70-degree, HG™ (High Graphic) multi-hit 60-degree, and HD™ (High Definition) multi-hit 75-degree, as well as the latest HVV™ (High Volume Vortex) extended cell pattern designed for use with the latest plate technology.

ARC’s feed rollers are designed to provide the most consistent delivery of the board to the print section with the least crush. Visual wear grids can be added to the feed roller surface to let the operator know when the roller needs replacement in order to avoid additional crush. Lower knurled feed rollers are offered in 45-degree or straight knurl, dependent upon OEM specifications.

On reconditioned rollers, ARC pays strict attention to journals, bearing surfaces, bores, threads, keyways, gear steps and seal areas. All these are repaired in-house by seasoned machinists, which minimizes lead times for the customer. ARC’s customer service personnel have over 85 years of combined experience with handling rollers and understanding OEM specifications. And in addition to performing anilox roller audits in the field to analyze roller conditions, ARC’s technical field personnel can provide graphic support and anilox roller care and handling seminars.


Make life easier in your maintenance department and call ARC International today at 800-526-4569 for ALL your roller needs!


Steve Woodard has been with ARC for 35 years.

Steve Woodard

Vice-President of Corporate Services