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Episode 15: Back from Abu Dhabi

May 1, 2023

In this episode we talk with John Burgess, President, Pamarco.

After earning a chemistry degree, John Burgess saw a tough economy and decided to go abroad for a career. He landed in Bahrain, was told plans had changed, and was shipped off to Abu Dhabi. After five years of pouring concrete into oil wells, Burgess decided to find a different path. With his family now in the US, he decided that he would be home. Moving to a country he barely knew; Burgess joined his father and brother at Pamarco.

With a brief detour from the company notwithstanding, that is where he created a career that would last him a lifetime. Working his way through the company and building his leadership style as he saw success Burgess eventually earned the role of President.

About John Burgess

President, Flexo Division

John started his career at Pamarco as a Technical Sales Representative in the Northeast in 1987 before becoming Plant Manager of the Dallas and California facilities from 1988-1992. After a brief stint away, he returned to Pamarco as Plant Manager of the Roselle, NJ facility before being promoted to VP Manufacturing and then GM of the Gravure and Emboss Divisions. John was promoted to President of the Flexo Division in 2011. Prior to joining Pamarco, he worked with Halliburton Services for five years in the oilfields of Abu Dhabi and Oman in various roles, ending as Field Chemist in 1987. John’s education was in the UK, graduating from Turton High School in 1978 and being awarded a diploma in Chemistry from Sheffield Hallam University in 1981, prior to immigrating to the United States. John resides in New Jersey with his wife and two children, where he spends his spare time as an avid golfer.







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