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January 23, 2024

Formulating for Success

In 2024, BCM Inks is embracing our new tagline, Formulating for Success. We are doing this through a myriad of ways such as:

  • Introduction of Eekoflex II Inks and Varnishes
  • Introduction of Xtra II Inks and Varnishes
  • Introduction of Color ConneXion® 2.0
  • Expansion of our Headquarters Facility
  • Distribution in South America

Eekoflex II Inks and Varnishes

BCM’s water-based Eekoflex II inks and varnishes are made from paper residue along with other unique components. They contain no heavy metals, have little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and are packaged in reground plastic buckets, reused 55 gallon drums, or returnable totes. They are also Swiss Ordinance Compliant. This means BCM Inks is using approved, environmentally correct raw materials to produce the Eekoflex II inks and varnishes.

BCM Inks’ Eekoflex II inks and varnishes offer additional benefits. They provide improved lay down/print coverage/press speeds and reduced dryer usage. They also help the environment through a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. (Audited/verified third party sustainability documentation is available upon request at

Xtra II Inks and Varnishes

Xtra II products are high-strength inks that are Swiss Ordinance Compliant. This line allows printers to print on kraft, mottled or bleached white board without the use of fillers such as clay or calcium carbonate. Xtra II inks provide better gloss and color intensity than standard inks. Because they don’t have fillers, Xtra II inks have higher strength, allowing for finer anilox roll printing, have better rub, and are non-abrasive to anilox rolls or doctor blades.

Color ConneXion® 2.0

BCM will launch Color ConneXion® 2.0 at SuperCorr 2024. The cloud-based Color ConneXion® 2.0 will continue to be the only color management software to specifically serve the corrugated industry. Since the introduction of Color ConneXion® in 2016, improvements were made to the software based upon customer recommendations. This input enabled BCM Inks to take the Color ConneXion® 2.0 to the next level with revolutionary technology. As with Color ConneXion®, you will still receive all the features and infinite seat licenses with Color ConneXion® 2.0. Some of these features include:

  • Record viscosity, pH, and dryer percent (and see suggested ranges per color formula)
  • View live color readings anywhere in the world
  • Reference and report on historical data
  • Upload print cards for easy visual reference
  • Take sample reads
  • Receive suggested color adjustments

Building Expansion at Headquarters

In 2024, BCM is going through an expansion at our headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, to help serve you better. Robert Callif, President of BCM Inks, stated, “In order to continue providing our growing customer base with the same exceptional service this company was founded upon, we recognized the need to expand the production area within our headquarters. We are also excited to build a dedicated training room for our associates and customers.”

Distribution in South America

BCM recently partnered with Davis Graphics ( in Chile to better serve South American customers. Davis Graphics has distributed products to the graphic printing industry in South America since 1960 while BCM has serviced corrugated printers in South America for over 20 years. “We’re thrilled to partner with Davis Graphics to supply our inks and varnishes to customers throughout South America. It made sense to partner with Davis Graphics because they have an excellent reputation, conduct their business with similar ethical standards to BCM, and are family owned like us,” stated Robert Callif, President of BCM Inks.

To learn how we can Formulate for Your Success, contact BCM Inks at or 800-678-6238. You can also learn more on our NEW website at or follow us on LinkedIn at If you prefer to visit us in person, stop by booth 1517 at SuperCorr 2024 in Orlando for live demonstrations of Color ConneXion® 2.0 and to discover Eekoflex II, Xtra II, and many of our other products and services.