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December 4, 2023

In this episode we talk with Cassi Malone, Director of Customer Experience, Corrugated Supplies Company and Josh Sobel, Account Manager, Jamestown Container Companies.

Both having served as AICC Emerging Leader (EL) Delegates, the volunteer leaders of the Program, Josh and Cassi can offer a different perspective on leadership, the industry, and how to motivate younger employees.

They share their EL experiences as well as their industry origin stories. Sobel, an EL graduate, discusses how the EL Program has grown, what it is like to leave a family company, and trying to find his own path. Malone, a current EL, found her way into the industry by taking a leap after a chance encounter.

About Cassi

Cassi Malone, Director of Customer Experience, Corrugated Supplies Company

Cassi Malone is the Director of Customer Experience for Corrugated Supplies Company (CSC). Initially starting as a Customer Service Representative within the company 10 years ago, she has worked hard to learn as much about CSC, their customers, and the industry as possible.

In her current role, Cassi oversees the service and planning operations for CSC’s 9 sheet feeder operations across the country. She has a passion for learning and teaching, and is always looking to absorb as much knowledge as she can from those around her. Her passion for learning led her to AICC’s Emerging Leaders group 7 years ago, where she became a member and started to immerse herself in the paper and packaging industry with other young professionals. As she came to know and love the program, she eventually took on the role as an Emerging Leaders Delegate from 2019-2022 on the AICC Board of Directors so she could help shape the program for future ELs.

Cassi graduated with an MBA from Robert Morris University in 2011, and she also continued to serve as an adjunct faculty member for over 6 years at her alma mater. Cassi is a firm believer in mentorship, communication, and building relationships. Her goal is to help others find their way, just like so many have and continue to support her along the way. Outside of work, Cassi can be found in her most favorite role of all – Mom, as her and her husband try to keep up with their two sassy, energetic little girls!

About Josh

Josh Sobel, Account Manager, Jamestown Container Companies

After graduating from The Ohio State University in 2003 with a degree in Political Science Josh decided to return home to join his grandfather’s box business, Sobel Corrugated Containers, as a customer service representative. Throughout his 10 years with the company he worked in multiple roles for the business including plant scheduling, sales, and VP of sales. In 2012 he joined Jamestown Container’s Macedonia division as an account manager, and has worked in that role since.

He has been on the AICC board of directors two separate times, first as an Emerging Leaders delegate and currently as the Great Lakes Regional Director.


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