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Better. Faster. Richer.

By Joseph M Palmeri

March 25, 2019

width=225The theme of this issue of BoxScore—Better. Faster. Richer.—reminds me of a time when I was a younger pup in this business, when we at Jamestown Container embarked on our total quality management and improvement programs following the philosophy of W. Edwards Deming. This was in the late ’80s, when the concepts of world-class quality were largely new to our business, but not to our customers, who were beginning to demand it. We had to get better fast.

Jamestown’s journey with total quality management was led by my father, Joseph R. Palmeri, who, at that time, was in the leadership ranks of AICC and who believed in the power of the Association to improve the fortunes not only of its members, but of the entire industry as well. So, he sent me out on a mission: to help spread the gospel of the Deming philosophy and how it could help our corrugated and folding carton industries become world-class. This was my first lesson in investing and engaging, because in my travels around to AICC’s regional meetings talking about the Deming philosophy, I saw how AICC members were learning, adopting, and implementing these principles to make their businesses better.

As it was true then, it is truer today: When you invest and engage, AICC will deliver success. If you want to get better, come to an AICC national meeting. If you want to produce faster, attend an AICC regional summit or SuperCorrExpo trade show. If you want to get richer, sharpen your financial knowledge by attending AICC’s School for Financial Managers. And if you want to enrich your industry network and build lasting friendships, participate in AICC’s events on every level. This is true not only for those of you who own your companies, but also for those of you who work in the office, in the design room, and on the plant floor. Your investment and engagement in AICC may not include a national meeting, but it can include our many industry-specific online training programs available through our Packaging School.

Better. Faster. Richer. When you invest and engage, AICC will deliver all these—and so much more.






Joseph M. Palmeri

President, Corrugated Packaging, Jamestown Container Cos.

Chair, AICC