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Cascades Sonoco

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=359 width=120As consumer demand for sustainable packaging continues to grow, Cascades Sonoco, the joint venture of Sonoco Products Company and Cascades, has responded to the marketplace with economical and environmentally friendly solutions. The combination of Ecotect® recycled packaging board and FlexSHIELD® barrier coating provides a functional barrier to water, oil and grease while supporting company sustainability goals as recyclable, repulpable and compostable. Folded containers made from EcoTect and FlexShield are ideal for a wide range of applications like food service trays and takeout bakery products as well as any non-food product where leakage of the contents could affect goods stored in proximity to the container.


FlexSHIELD® is a water-based coating designed to be flexible and resist cracking throughout the folding carton converting process. It is engineered to survive multi-directional scores, folds and creases without surrendering its barrier properties. FlexSHIELD coating has been extensively tested on EcoTect packaging board and has passed all recyclable and repulpable testing based on FBA Protocol Procedures. It is FDA, CFIA and EUR compliant, and is microwavable with dry, aqueous and fatty foods. FlexSHIELD is now available in a heat-sealable version.


SurfSHIELD® coated boards and papers are a water-based family of functional and barrier coatings that are designed to provide protection for corrugated structures as well as folding carton and food service applications.

With state-of-the-art facilities strategically located from coast to coast, Cascades Sonoco is North America’s leading supplier of customized coating and lamination solutions. Due to increasing market demands, we made the decision to design and install a new state of the art water-based coater at our Birmingham AL operations. Our new 110 wide coater was dedicated in May of 2019. The capabilities we built into our newest coating line have opened the door to new markets and are allowing us to supply these markets with new and innovative and environmentally friendly on a multitude of paper substrates. With the demand for paper-based packaging increasing dramatically, our decision to invest was timely.


Cascades Sonoco has extensive capabilities with film and foil lamination applications. PET, MET PET, Aluminum Foil as well as Polyethylene extrusion and lamination are our specialty.

For more information, visit or send inquiries to or 888-203-6548.

Jeff is responsible for leading Marketing and Business Development as well as the Strategic Growth Platforms for Cascades Sonoco. Jeff has over 30 years of experience in Sales and Marketing with Sonoco and Cascades Sonoco. Jeff led the business transformation efforts beginning back in 2010 which helped Cascades Sonoco evolve from a Roll Packaging company into a leading coating and lamination innovations company. Jeff holds an Economics degree from Muskingum University.

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