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CleanPrint USA

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


The Covid pandemic has given our industry increased challenges to overcome. Increased demand for online packaging means increased productivity is vital. CleanPrint USA offers increased productivity with our state-of-the-art retrofit systems.

CleanPrint USA is a company totally focused on the corrugated packaging industry, we are industry specialists delivering world’s-best-practice, patented ‘End to end, cleaning in place’ bio-technology based systems and do that with a 100% emphasis on developing and supplying environmentally responsible products.

Our patented ‘Cleaning in Place’ technology sets new standards in anilox and machine cleaning. It means rolls, ink pumps, lines and all areas where ink flows in the machine are automatically cleaned with every wash—quickly and effectively without anilox roll removal.

EVOLUTION BIOCLEAN for converters, reduces a typical 12 plus minute cleanup down to a 2-4 minute ‘hands-off’ cycle that improves quality—reduces set-up time, reduces downtime and maintenance while increasing overall production.

Depending on your shift structure, you may increase your production output and revenue by an extra hour per day.


For converters we achieve and maintain clean ink lines and pumps, anilox rolls and chambers with a 2-4 minute full wash and rinse cycle after each print job. Plus, you’ll enjoy reduced ink pump failures, reduced PM clean up to 15 minutes and other long-term time and cost savings, with reduced anilox roll and chamber replacements. This has been proven in multiple plants over many years.

EVOLUTION BIOCLEAN is the latest patented development in a line of very successful bio-technology to automatically clean everywhere the ink goes giving a potential 1-hour extra production per day—perhaps 50,000 extra boxes a day.

For corrugators, CleanPrint USA offers an exclusive patented delivery system and product. EVOLUTION STARCH OFF is an amazing success, gelled and hardened external starch is softened, liquefied and rinsed away within 30 minutes. And this is all with eco-friendly non harmful technology.

EVOLUTION STARCH OFF offers patent pending innovative technology for dissolving starch in your corrugators. Keeping your applicators clean allows for perfect spread of starch, reducing warp and delamination resulting in stronger board, lower GSM and higher production values.

Clean Print products are used by major international companies such as Pratt/Visy, Orora, Packaging Corporation America, International Paper, Georgia Pacific, Atlantic Packaging, Green Bay Packaging and many independents, through distributors such as CST, Clean Print Chemicals, Harper Love and Sun Automation to name a few. The corrugated products produced in these plants are global ‘best quality’ and the machinery maintained by their ‘End-to-end, Cleaning in Place’ systems ensures these companies enjoy a continuing sustainable competitive advantage.


Our staff are specialists, ensuring our product and systems remain cutting edge and ahead of the competition, while delivering environmentally friendly and profitable outcomes for our clients. In some cases, we will install delivery technology with no up-front cost, to deliver a cleaning system that is vastly superior to anything else on the market, provided you engage our appropriate supply agreement.

We are the only company in the world with this technology.

For more information contact Geoff Literski on email:

Geoff has 30 years’ experience manufacturing cleaning chemicals, and is totally committed to the box industry, both in the US and internationally.


Geoff Literski



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