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By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


Dicar is a world-class supplier of top quality, durable urethane components for the paperboard packaging industry. Providing the global corrugated packaging industry with top-level products and outstanding service and innovation for over 50 years is why Dicar continues to be recognized as an industry leader.

Headquartered in Pine Brook, New Jersey, Dicar has manufacturing facilities in New Jersey and Texas, and maintains a global network of regionally located Technical Sales and Service Managers, and Diecutting Experts to provide Global coverage with Local support.

Dicar’s offerings include high quality, durable Anvilok® diecutting covers, lead edge feed wheels, Crushless® rollers and creasers, anvil system, die-making and diecutting supplies and much more.

A family-owned independent business, Dicar maintains a dedication to innovation, product development and customer service. From a humble start with a single product, Dicar now offers an expansive range of products engineered to enhance the efficiency, productivity, quality and safety of corrugated diecutting operations around the world.

Popular Dicar products include …

Anvilok® 2 die cutting covers, the latest version of the popular Dicar Urethane die cutting covers are available in sizes to fit virtually every available rotary diecutter size. Our product lines include conventional bolted and Boltless® designs in both standard and Xtrawide widths. All Dicar blankets are cast and cut to precise specification to provide outstanding quality and performance.

Anvilok® 3 glue Lap and Hand Hole system, converts steel to steel to the soft cutting of glue laps. This saves excessive wear on shaft bearings and extends the life of cross cut knives. Further, it prevents damage to the head through excessive knife pressure. This system can also be adapted to existing soft cut systems.

Equalizer™ G4, the latest version of the popular Equalizer anvil system uses Dicar’s patented Snap Sleeve “split bearing” design. This design allows removal of individual bearing sections for easier and more efficient mounting and rotation especially in close quarters. The design accommodates thermal expansion maintaining consistent cover mounting and allowing the bearing to easily slide along the cylinder for simplified installation and rotation.

AnviLatch™, Dicar’s ergonomically friendly modern anvil cover mounting technology eliminates the need to use a mallet when mounting or rotating. A simple indexing of the die cylinder secures the covers to the cylinder.

Dicar’s Emba Die Cut Bearing Upgrade brings a new level of ease-of-use and efficiency to Emba diecutting stations. Based on the Equalizer G4 design, this upgrade offers the same benefits and advantages of the G4.

Dicar’s Geo. Martin Scrubber Replacement Wheels feature a Wrap-on™ design for simple and quick removal and installation, meet or exceed the OEM specifications and deliver optimum wear and sheet control without marking the sheets.

SpeedStrap™ reusable magnetic pull bands for printing or diecutting provide a quick and cost effective way to maximize sheet control through the printing and diecutting stations for enhanced registration, fewer jams and higher quality of the finished product.


Visit for more information on Dicar products or to shop at our online store.

Shawn Spencer

VP Sales & Marketing