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Does Rule 41 require the plants name on the BMC?

By Ralph Young

June 30, 2023

Andrew asks,

I have an oldie, but a goodie question for you.  With Item 222 and Rule 41, does it matter what the name of the box company is when printed on the BMC?  I know generic/blank cert stamps are allowed, but could I manufacture a box in our plant and label the BMC as “Ralph’s Awesome Box Plant”?  Does the plant name really matter, or is it just the rest of the BMC details that matter?

Interesting question Andrew.

There is no requirement for a BMC at all.  Look at how many packages Amazon ships via their own modes that are neither rail or common carrier yet IP and WestRock have their mark on the box. Confusion everywhere.

Many box makers will not print anything on a box because they don’t want the competition to know the manufacturer. Think how many brokers place their name on some sort of BMC and yet they are not the manufacturer.

In the case of a box or shipment failure under Rule 41/Item222 conditions it is possible to locate the manufacturer given the sophistication of today’s supply chain and chain of custody software.

Produce boxes and imported wine boxes often have no identification. Make a trip to Costco and you can checkout a variety of box samples.

So, as long as you have permission from the plant who’s name you are going to print on the BMC, as would be the case if you were running boxes for another manufacturer or plant, and as you said the printed specification are correct, there shouldn’t be any problem.

— Ralph