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Education for Your Company and Teams

By AICC Staff

September 13, 2023

Heading into its 50th year, AICC continues to deliver the most robust training and support for members and their employees

As AICC enters its 50th anniversary year, we can look back and be proud of the role education has taken in providing you and your employees with the best in education.

Looking ahead to 2024, AICC remains dedicated to expanding its educational offerings and staying at the forefront of industry advancements. In response to emerging trends and challenges, AICC continues to develop new programs, services, workshops, and events that will equip you and your team of professionals with the tools they need to thrive. Whether it is exploring sustainable packaging solutions, leveraging cutting-edge
technologies, or addressing evolving market demands, AICC is committed
to empowering its members with the knowledge and skills necessary for continued success in this dynamic industry.

Member Network: NEW Online Networking Events

In response to member requests for enhanced peer connectivity, AICC will be organizing specific online networking opportunities. These virtual networking sessions will provide a platform for packaging professionals to connect with their peers across the country and share insights and experiences related to their specific challenges.

The first networking event will focus on safety/EHS, with the second one specific to human resources. These online programs will allow participants to discuss best practices, exchange ideas, and learn from one another.

Member Network: Safety/EHS

Date: October 11, 2023

Member Network: Human Resources

Date: November 8, 2023

These networks are member-driven. If you have a specific topic you would like discussed in a member network, contact Taryn Pyle, AICC director of education and talent development, at or 703-535-1391.

Learn more at

100 Free Online Courses and Learning Tracks on Packaging University

With over 100 courses available—many translated into Spanish—this comprehensive resource serves as a valuable tool for industry education and training.

The online courses cover timeless topics. Courses begin at the basics such as How to Read a Tape Measure and Safety Basics and offer advanced topics such as Benchmarking a Plant and Decision Trees. There are courses for every department. New and popular courses include:

  • Benchmark a Plant
  • Specification Management Foundations
  • Holding People Accountable
  • Leading Your Peers
  • Reduce Paper Waste
  • Speak With Data, Bring Solution to Your Problem
  • Time Management for Supervisors
  • Maintenance Department 5S
  • Adhering to Corrugator Standards
  • Rightweighting

In the past year, nearly 2,300 courses have been completed by 1,055 learners.

In addition to structured courses, members can find a variety of resources in the Packaging University, including:

  • Carton Styles: An interactive gallery of carton styles commonly used in the packaging industry. Created with the support of AICC member eProductivity.
  • Machine Primer: Take a virtual plant tour, clicking on machinery to learn about capabilities.
  • Cross Training: Build bench strength in your workforce by keeping people engaged and productive by continuous training and opportunity.

In January 2024, AICC will release Learning Tracks, which will outline courses and a learning path for each department. Moreover, the inclusion of a syllabus provides managers and human resources experts with a structured guide to lay out specific training plans based on the needs of their respective departments. This tailored approach ensures that employees receive targeted and relevant training, promoting efficiency and effectiveness in their roles while addressing specific departmental requirements. Tracks include:

  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Design
  • Production
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Human Resources
  • Quality
  • Finance
  • Leadership

For more information and to take courses, visit

Carbon Neutrality Program

With sustainability becoming an increasingly important attribute to packaging buyers, this course aims to educate your team of professionals on implementing carbon-neutral practices within your own company operations. Participants learn about measuring carbon footprints, implementing renewable energy sources, optimizing transportation logistics, and adopting sustainable materials. By equipping you and your employees with the knowledge and strategies to reduce your carbon emissions, AICC’s Carbon Neutrality Program ensures you can meet the evolving expectations of environmentally conscious customers.

Learn more at


AICC NOW offers a centralized platform for accessing a wide range of resources. It includes over 100 webinars, new interviews every month, virtual plant tours, a searchable BoxScore, Scoring Boxes, and AICC Experts. Although some resources have fees, there are also many free courses available.

By becoming an All Access Pass participant, your team will have access to all the webinars and One Point Lessons on AICC NOW in addition to all of the resources listed above that are included in AICC membership. AICC’s webinars cover current topics critical to the industry today.

Some popular webinar recordings currently available include:

  • Understanding the Relationship Between Cost and Price
  • Level Up Your Hiring in 2023 – The Top 8 Ways to Hire Hourly Workers
  • Recruiting and Retaining Shop Floor Operators
  • Recession Proof Your Business
  • Understanding Your Capabilities

See it all at

Advisory Groups

AICC offers learning groups to bring people in similar positions together to learn and network.

CEO Advisory Groups

The CEO Advisory Groups were formed as a resource for box manufacturing plant CEOs. Members of each group focus on real-world experiences, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid. You are held accountable and helped by your peers. Connecting with other executives gives you the opportunity to see your company from an outside perspective and discuss changes that can positively impact your bottom line.

Emerging Leader Program

The AICC Emerging Leader (EL) program is an exclusive series of training, networking, and leadership opportunities for ambitious young professionals in the paper and packaging industry. With the opportunities and information available in the EL program, young professionals who are ready to commit to their professional development will have the chance to grow into proven, reliable future leaders in their company and industry.

Leadership Advisory Group

As a leader in an AICC member company, you face challenges that many others do not comprehend—the pressure to succeed, to make the right decisions, and to create a positive future for yourself and the company. When involved in AICC programs, many of you have the opportunity to confide in others, share ideas, and receive honest feedback. The Leadership Advisory Group will be even more intentional in meeting its members’ specific needs for connection, education, and discreet communication.

Production Leadership Advisory Group

The Production Leadership Advisory Group is designed to include operations and production managers from AICC member companies. This group is open to all member companies regardless of location or market niche.

Continuous Improvement Leadership Group

The Continuous Improvement Leadership Group is designed to serve managers of all departments. The group is open to all member companies regardless of location or market niche. You will be part of a group marked by mutual trust, sharing of best practices, and respectful disagreement for the advancement of each member company’s success, productivity, and group members’ career development.

Sales Management Cohort

Sales management was tough enough pre-pandemic, but add in the pandemic and supply chain challenges, and it has never been harder to be a sales manager than in today’s market. So, AICC has teamed with renowned sales consultant and coach Mark Roberts and bestselling author and sales training facilitator Ed Wallace to deliver AICC’s first Sales Management Cohort professional development program.

Sales Advisory Group

AICC teamed with Roberts and Wallace to deliver AICC’s first Sales Advisory Group professional development program. The Sales Advisory Group program is data-driven, using sales skills and relationship diagnostics that help you assess your selling strengths and skill gaps that could be costing your commissions.

Coming Soon: Women’s Leadership Advisory Group

AICC is bringing together a group specifically for women in manufacturing. We know that, for women, career paths are often different. This group will give you a platform to find better ways of communicating, marketing yourself, and sharing your experiences. You will showcase your abilities and add to the growth of this industry as employees, advocates, and leaders within your company.

To learn more about these groups, visit or contact Taryn Pyle, AICC director of education and talent development, at or 703-535-1391.

Xperience Conference

Printing & Die Cutting Xperience

February 13–15 2024, Rosemont, Illinois

This program, designed with your production team in mind, aims to enhance your understanding and mastery of printing and die cutting processes. With the new technologies, personnel, and processes that have come into play over the last few years, this Xperience focuses on reengaging your production manager, supervisors, and operators to drive improvements aligned with your box plant’s needs.

Key areas addressed in this Xperience include innovative techniques for corrugated board handling, the intricacies of ink chambers, anilox rolls, and doctor blades, along with insights into die preparation, die boards, and die cutting processes. By synergizing these aspects, the Xperience aims to pave the way for greater success in your printing and cutting operations.

Upcoming Webinars

Workforce Sticky Situations – Prevention Before Investigation

Tuesday, September 26

This webinar will touch on two areas that are complex issues for human resource professionals:

  • Abuse of the Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and workers’ compensation
  • Managing discrimination investigations

Learn best practices to protect your organization from abuse and discrimination investigations.

Get Tax Credits for Sustainability Research and Development

Tuesday, October 24

When it comes to taxation, planning is vital to manage the income tax burden for your company and its owners. Learn how the research and development tax credit can help you lower your tax bill and keep cash in your pocket.

Ransomware: Security Solutions for Your Firm

Wednesday, November 15

Ransomware attacks occur every day and continue to be a major threat to businesses of all sizes and industries. Learn about what really happens behind the curtain of a ransomware attack, how to improve detection, and tips for developing a response plan.

Learn more and register for these free webinars at

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