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Episode 14: Double it for Luck

April 3, 2023

In this episode we talk with Gary Brewer, President, Package Crafters, Inc. and Creative Packaging, Inc.

Brewer saw his path. The company he was working for was paying for his graduate degree. He and the son of the company President would take over the company from their fathers someday. Then life took a turn. Brewer and his father were let go. After a fruitless six-month job search Brewer called his dad and the outcome of that call ended up being Package Crafters.

Brewer put everything he had on the line to start the company which is now in its 20th year. Acquiring Package Crafters in 2015 brought in new opportunities and challenges, especially when trying to lead from hundreds of miles away.

About Gary

After getting his degrees in chemical engineering and pulp and paper science at North Carolina State in 1992, Brewer began his career as a Process Engineer at St. Joe Paper Company in Port St. Joe. Fla. He then joined the largest independent corrugated converter in North Carolina.  During that time Brewer completed an MBA at Wake Forest University and, shortly thereafter in 2003, he and his father founded Package Crafters in High Point, NC, leading with the promise of a three-day lead time to his new customers. In 2015, he extended his geographic footprint by acquiring Creative Packaging in Savannah, GA.

He has served on the AICC’s board of directors in various roles over the last eight years and is currently Vice Chairman with plans to assume the Chairmanship in 2025.


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The next episode will drop on May 9, a little later than usual, so we can bring you the latest conversations from the AICC Spring Meeting.

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