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Equipment Finance Corporation

January 23, 2024

“Large Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Know You”

Equipment Finance Corporation (EFC) has been providing long term fixed rate financing for new and used Packaging machinery since 1993. Unlike commercial banks and bank-owned finance companies, our financial terms and structures are set based on the parameters which best serve the needs of each individual borrower, not a regulatory agency, allowing us to be a true “Relationship Lender.” We typically provide up to 100% of the total project cost of new and used machinery projects with amortization terms of up to 15 years for new and five to eight years for used equipment.

The corrugated packaging industry is stable and growing. EFC is ready to provide the capital required by our clients to take advantage of their opportunities. Our loan options include early prepayment, annual additional paydown, and loan term adjustment options allowing our clients to take advantage of the low monthly payments of a long amortization repayment term, while having the options to shorten the loan term later, make additional principal paydown or early prepayment. Therefore, you can have low payments without locking yourself into a long-term commitment.

Investment in upgraded equipment is an ongoing requirement for packaging operations in order to satisfy customer demands; improve production speed, capacity, and efficiency; and reduce reliance on unreliable labor resources. The need to acquire more efficient, productive, and less labor intensive equipment will only increase in the future, as will the cost of machinery. EFC’s 35+ years of industry knowledge and experience allows us to offer qualified clients structured and extended repayment terms plus financial flexibility not available through commercial banks or bank leasing/finance companies.

In addition to loans for newly acquired equipment, we provide debt refinancing to reduce existing loan payments, fix floating rate debt, or reduce higher rate debt. With our historical knowledge of the resale value of packaging equipment, our credit requirements are also much more flexible than other institutions. We do not burden clients with blanket asset liens, restrictive loan covenants, and personal guarantees as are typically required by banks and other lenders. You have worked hard for many years to build a strong, successful business. We recognize that and provide lending terms which you deserve based on your financial strength and time in business, not terms determined by federal bank auditors.

While repayment terms and structure flexibility are extremely important, so is interest cost. Equipment Finance Corporation offers fixed rates which are equal to or less than those of commercial banks, bank leasing and finance companies, or other financial institutions. Our large financial services volume allows us access to funding at below market rates, which we then pass on to our clients in the form of lower rates, but with the attractive long-term, flexible repayment plans, which are not available through regulated banks and bank-owned lenders. In the current rising rate environment, we provide options, including fixed-rate loans for the entire loan term or, in the event you feel rates will decline in the future, loans with a rate adjustment at some point during the loan term.

Contact Ed Gargiulo at 800-469-1082 or 770-714-0662 or We will be pleased to provide you with a list of your colleagues whom we have had the pleasure to assist in the past. They can advise you how Equipment Finance has helped them, and can help you, grow your business and improve your bottom line.