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January 23, 2024

Pioneering Dust Control and Trim Removal Solutions

Engineered Recycling Systems, LLC, (ERS) continues to be a leading force in providing the paper converting industry with cutting-edge dust control and trim removal solutions. Based in Atlanta, ERS is committed to delivering comprehensive services that include equipment design and manufacturing, on-site system installations, and unwavering maintenance and customer support throughout the life span of our products.

In a world increasingly reliant on corrugated and paper products, the demand for efficient production is greater than ever. Production lines bear the weight of this demand, making

filtration an integral part of the system. A dust collection issue can bring your entire operation to a halt, underscoring the importance of a dependable

filtration solution.

At ERS, our team is a collaboration of industry-leading engineers and innovators, allowing us to tap into a vast pool of expertise. This, coupled with valuable feedback from our customers, has led to ingenious dust control and trim removal solutions that meet the needs of today’s industry.

Our flagship product, the CCM® OCT dust collector, is a testament to our commitment to innovation. It boasts an impressive 80% reduction in downtime compared to traditional filtration systems on the market. Unlike conventional baghouse and cartridge filters that often require over 20 hours of standard preventative maintenance, our engineers have designed a solution that minimizes workflow disruption.

With the CCM® OCT, a complete preventative maintenance session requires just four hours of downtime (for a 50,000 CFM unit of equivalent capacity), effectively freeing up 16 hours of valuable production time. Every maintenance operation translates to unlocking 16 hours of potential profits for your company.

Addressing a common concern among plant managers, the CCM® OCT is designed with a window that allows for real-time monitoring of the machine’s internal operation. It’s like having a see-through vacuum cleaner! This innovative feature ensures that problems can be identified and resolved promptly, preventing catastrophic events.

Not only is the CCM® OCT highly efficient, but it also stands as the safest dust collector on the market. We’ve eliminated explosion hazards that have plagued previous models, featuring fewer moving parts and zero explosion risks. In essence, the CCM® OCT is a filtration solution that delivers peace of mind.

With maintenance costs at half that of a baghouse and a quarter of a cartridge filter, the CCM® OCT stands out as the most sustainable, safest, and user-friendly filter available.

ERS is renowned for designing state-of-the-art equipment, and our customer support system mirrors the same level of excellence. In response to supply chain challenges, we’ve proactively addressed potential shipping delays by investing in a spacious 55,000-square-foot warehouse, meticulously stocked with equipment and spare parts. Our most critical spare parts are readily available for expedited shipping from our Atlanta warehouse.

Furthermore, in our commitment to unwavering support, we’ve recently launched a 24/7 customer portal, offering comprehensive online support for our customers. You’ll always have access to technical data for your ERS equipment, ensuring that you’re never left in the dark.

At ERS, we stand by our products, as our satisfied customers can attest: “They stand behind their system. There’s no finger-pointing.”

Meet the Driving Force at ERS:

Meet Mechanical Engineer Mike Carver, the managing partner at ERS, who has devoted over 30 years to serving the paper, paper converting, and recycling industries. His extensive background and technical expertise make him an outstanding team leader and an expert engineer. Mike’s philosophy is simple: “The customer’s success is our success. We will do everything we can to keep your operation running smoothly.”

Mike Carver

For the paper converting industry’s most advanced dust control and trim removal solutions, trust ERS to lead the way. Your success is our commitment.