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Foundations Are Essential to Industry’s Future Success

By Caitlin Salaverria

March 20, 2024

This spring, AICC members will convene in Palm Desert, California, to celebrate a big milestone—50 years. It’s an incredible achievement by an Association that works hard to better its members and the industry.

This achievement is also a reflection of the industry’s success. The box business is a great industry to be part of, and the work of foundations such as the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) and AICC’s Foundation for Packaging Education is paramount to the industry’s future success.

One key to the success and sustainability of our industry is growing the labor force. That’s why I encourage you to become an ICPF Corporate Partner or, if you already are, to consider recommitting to the foundation.

Since joining ICPF, I’ve worked to strengthen the existing programs and services offered by the foundation while expanding the foundation’s work to address other critical and evolving needs within the industry. This has included creating a social media presence, building partnerships with the education community, beginning to expand student and faculty knowledge at trade schools and community colleges, and developing marketing and communications tools to promote the many benefits of choosing a career in corrugated packaging. I’ve also begun examining opportunities to collaborate with other organizations and associations to capitalize on their strengths and resources to ensure we get the most value for our efforts. I’m just getting started, and there is a lot more work to do.

Our industry has provided generous support and funding to ICPF over the years. Our endowment fund is drawn annually (at a percentage that ensures continual fund growth) to support our efforts, but to really make a difference, we need pledge support from industry companies.

Over the past few months, ICPF has seen reinvigorated support from many. Buckeye Corrugated Inc., Great Northern Corp., Green Bay Packaging, and Pratt Industries have all signed 10-year pledge commitments. Let’s keep the momentum going.

Please consider giving back to the industry that has given you so much. Support ICPF so we can make a significant difference to increase the labor force of the industry now and into the future.

The work AICC’s Foundation for Packaging Education does to educate and retain current employees in our industry is important, and I appreciate the support you have shown that foundation. There is a need for both foundations to establish a future for corrugated packaging in terms of advancement and achievement. We need students to be exposed to our industry and to see all the potential that comes with a career in corrugated packaging.

I have high hopes that both foundations will work together on these important initiatives. It is only through a unified message that we can make a difference.

Visit to learn more about how you can support ICPF and the future of our industry.

Caitlin Salaverria is president of ICPF.