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Going Forward- Part 2

April 1, 2024

In this episode, we talk with Richard Brown, President & Co-owner of The BoxMaker.

Part 1 of Going Forward delved into key aspects of Richard’s career in the packaging industry that led him to The BoxMaker, offering valuable insights for listeners.

The conversation explores the evolution of digital technology within the corrugated packaging sector. Richard shares insights into the efficiencies brought about by digital production, emphasizing its transformative impact on supply chain dynamics. He reflects on the transition from traditional analog methods to digital processes, highlighting the advantages in terms of reduced waste, enhanced flexibility, and streamlined workflows.

About Richard

Richard Brown has been with The BoxMaker since 2003. Prior to his current role, he served as the Corrugated Sales Manager, Vice President, and General Manager. Richard’s career in packaging began with a summer warehouse job as a teen. He quickly worked his way up to delivery driver, a series of office roles, and then outside sales where he developed and sold custom packages for 13 years.

His first leadership role was in product management at Tenneco. In 1999 he accepted a promotion to lead a branch office of Landsberg Ororoa in the Seattle area. Richard enjoys actively participating in AICC and Vistage.

As a packaging professional, Richard enjoys seeing how things are made, and he maintains a keen interest in client projects as they are produced. He believes being involved in all parts of the process is an excellent way to learn from an array of people and companies.

Richard focuses on ensuring The BoxMaker has the right talent, equipment, and culture in place to serve clients effectively and develop true partnerships. He values treating everyone with respect, living in the moment, and making a positive impact. Richard says, “The impact I have on my coworkers’ lives will be my scorecard as a leader.”

Richard enjoys being outdoors to appreciate the beauty and fresh air of the Pacific Northwest while hiking and fly fishing. He looks forward to spending time in Northwest Arkansas where we recently expanded. He loves spending time with his grandchildren and supporting his local community.

Seattle Business Magazine recognized Richard as Executive of the Year 2020 in its Washington Manufacturing Awards.

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