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January 23, 2024

Containerboard Pricing and Box Market Intelligence from Green Markets

Access to accurate, affordable containerboard price and market reporting is now available across the box industry. Corrugated box buyers, box manufacturers, sheet feeders, and mills are gaining insight from objective, accurate reporting of the product prices and market conditions that matter with Green Markets Box Report.

What if you could anticipate and track the movement of linerboard, medium, and sheet prices? Or see demand expectations across the box industry? While also staying current on lead times for sheets and box orders across the US?

You can, with Green Markets Box Report, it’s specially designed, ongoing market reporting for box buyers and sellers. It has the essential data, market sentiment and trends analysis that improves market transparency—and your company’s performance.

Find out why box manufacturers and buyers look forward to new market information that is critical to their business processes. The Box Report gives you access to time-
sensitive market intelligence, including:

Regionalized Market Prices for Linerboard, Medium and Sheets

  • Regional Market Assessments
  • Demand Outlooks
  • “The Box Buyers’ Corner”
  • Market Trends
  • Macro Indicators

Each subscription includes access to the month-end Box Report and mid-month Box Market Trends report as well as ongoing price alerts.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller of corrugated products, this valuable market reporting will inform your decision making.

Visit for more information and to request a FREE sample issue.

Over 10 years of corrugated packaging industry experience with sheet plants.

Ryan Fox
Corrugated Market Analyst