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Hire Veterans: Bringing Qualified Candidates to Member Plants

By AICC Staff

March 25, 2019


Justin Constantine, Marine Corps veteran and partner at JobPath, will present a human resources workshop at AICC’s 2019 Spring Meeting.

AICC has partnered with JobPath, an innovative online job portal designed to connect military veterans with employers and to help members solve their ongoing need for qualified candidates. AICC members can post jobs for free or purchase discounted subscriptions to have their positions promoted to qualified candidates.

“This is a very exciting program that we are announcing,” says AICC Vice President Mike D’Angelo. “Everyone can get behind hiring veterans and their family members. Those are easy words. JobPath’s unique platform will ensure that there is a great fit between the veteran hired and the AICC member company doing the hiring.”

Launched in 2013, JobPath, the first employment engine in the market designed for military veterans and their families, provides companies a platform that uses advanced technology to help employers understand and connect with the most qualified veteran candidates.

“We are very excited that AICC has chosen our technology as their preferred tool for veteran hiring,” says Jack Fanous, CEO of JobPath. “JobPath was designed to serve as a technology solution for veteran hiring, utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to match employers to the most qualified candidates. With this powerful platform at their disposal, AICC will offer an incredible tool to help their members recruit the best veteran candidates for their open positions.”

JobPath features multiple tools to bring veterans and employers together, including a job board, candidate database, candidate matching, an automated matching tool that connects employers with candidates whose skills meet companies’ requirements, and a military skills translator, allowing companies to fully understand what job a veteran held in the military and how their skills might apply to open positions. The platform will link to certain AICC Packaging School courses so that candidates can get an understanding of the packaging industry, another step to ensuring a good match.

Justin Constantine, partner at JobPath, will present a human resources workshop, Solve the Work Shortage Crisis — Recruiting & Retaining Veterans, during the AICC 2019 Spring Meeting on Tuesday, April 2.

Constantine joined the Marine Corps while at the University of Denver School of Law and served on active duty as a Judge Advocate General’s Corps officer for six years. Then as a reservist, he deployed to Iraq in 2006, serving as a civil affairs team leader while attached to an infantry battalion. During a combat patrol, Constantine was shot in the head by a sniper.

Although the original prognosis was that he had been killed in action, Constantine survived thanks to risks taken by his fellow Marines and a courageous Navy corpsman. For his service in Iraq, Constantine earned the Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon, and Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

Constantine retired from the Marine Corps and now runs his own business as an inspirational speaker and veteran employment advocacy expert. His writing on military and leadership has been published in The Washington Post, Time, The Atlantic, and Forbes Magazine, and featured on CNN and other media outlets.

AICC members will have access to special pricing for employee searches and job postings through the AICC JobPath portal. Learn more at