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By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=649width=141The packaging market is experiencing powerful new trends triggered by the pandemic that span the entire supply and value chain, starting at the consumer. Brands are demanding the freedom to make frequent and last-minute orders and changes, while maintaining brand consistency and graphics to stand out in the marketplace.

As a result, converters and brands need to be able to seize any available opportunity of any volume while ensuring profitability.

HP PageWide digital corrugated presses were developed to help converters deliver the speed, quality, and variability to meet even the most demanding request by their brands. These presses are productive and profitable and the only field-proven presses that can print in offset quality on a wide range of liners and board grades, with true water-based inks.

Key benefits to HP PageWide corrugated presses:

  • Output quality is exchangeable with both offset and flexo on a wide range of liners and board grades.
  • HP thermal inkjet print systems feature millions of inkjet nozzles and built-in nozzle redundancy to achieve outstanding print quality. Sharp text and barcodes, as well as smooth tone transitions, are enabled by 1200 nozzles per inch and 6-pl drops.
  • HP’s true water-based inks can be used for printing on the non-food contact surface of paperboard packaging and designed to support relevant global food safety and environmental guidelines. The true water-based inks contain no UV-reactive chemistries, and require no additional barriers for food packaging applications. (HP A30 and HP CV150 water-based Inks are intended for printing on the external side of corrugated packaging.)

HP PageWide Press Portfolio

The HP PageWide T1100 Series web-press for pre-printing top liners is a six-color, single-pass, high-performance printing. The presses run liners up to 110 (2.8m) wide and are ideal for packaging converters seeking analog-to-digital transformation with high-volume productivity. The presses deliver corrugator-level efficiency and can maximize business opportunities for a wide range of corrugated applications.

With HP’s innovative Multi-lane Print Architecture (MLPA), converters can boost productivity by optimizing the layouts. HP MLPA splits the web into multiple print lanes, so different jobs with different box sizes and run lengths can be printed in the individual lanes.

The new 6-color T470S web press, with the addition of Orange and Violet inks, can deliver outstanding print quality while achieving a greater number of brand colors. With a 42 print width, the press is ideal for roll-to-roll packaging applications, and its 600 feet-per-minute print speed ensures excellent productivity and throughput.

The HP PageWide C500 Press is a direct-to-board post-print solution for a wide range of corrugated packaging applications on both coated and uncoated paper. The C500 press brings benefits of digital printing, with flexibility, accelerated time to market, and reduction of waste and inventory with no need to compromise on print quality. With no limitation of Minimum-Order-Quantity (MOQ), converters can easily print low to high numbers of sheets, reducing the cost of making a box.

This innovative single-pass, digital post-print breakthrough solution, helps create new business opportunities and new competitive advantage.


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