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January 23, 2024

Elevate Your Corrugated Packaging Game With HP’s Revolutionary Press Portfolio

HP’s PageWide Press Series is spearheading the digital print revolution, featuring an extensive line of tried-and-tested presses such as the T1195i, T700i, T470S, and C550. Designed to serve a wide array of corrugated and paper-based packaging applications, this lineup delivers not just high-quality prints but also cost- effective solutions, from short runs to bulk production.

The T1195i sets the standard for high-volume corrugated preprint production, offering both speed and cost-efficiency. With the T700i, you get unbeatable economics for visually rich litho-lam, corrugation, and folding carton projects. The T470S provides consistent, top-quality prints while reducing manufacturing costs, ideal for litho-lam and folding carton use-cases. Meanwhile, the C550 is your go-to for versatile post-print solutions, capable of economically handling custom, one-of-a-kind prints as well as bulk orders directly on corrugated sheets.

The PageWide Press Series brings speed, adaptability, and the ability to craft distinctive campaigns to the table, equipping brands with the agility they demand in today’s fast-paced market. HP’s PageWide Press Series gives you the tools to enhance your product offerings, uplift your corrugated packaging game, and become an industry front-runner.

Combining the best of digital flexibility and vibrant graphics, HP PageWide presses employ thermal inkjet printheads with millions of nozzles and built-in redundancy, ensuring unparalleled print quality. What’s more, our exclusive water-based inks produce vivid colors and support a circular economy, making these presses as sustainable as they are effective.

Choose sustainability and superior quality; choose the PageWide Press Series. Whether it’s direct board printing or liner printing, our presses are designed for industry compatibility, enabling you to deliver high-impact, cost-efficient boxes without sacrificing your commitment to the environment.

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