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ICPF Launches Corrugated Packaging & Design Curricula at North Carolina State

By AICC Staff

March 25, 2019


The more than 180 students who are annually enrolled in N.C. State University’s Paper Science & Engineering program will begin taking mandatory corrugated packaging and design curricula this spring and fall.

Long known for its pulp and paper program, North Carolina State University (N.C. State) is adding a new dimension to its Department of Forest Biomaterials. Through the assistance of ICPF’s corrugated packaging awards program, the university is launching its first corrugated packaging and design curricula track. The new program, which will receive ICPF donations and funding over a three-year period as N.C. State delivers measurable steps, will expand student capabilities and interest beyond the mill into plant production and operations management, design, sales, and ultimately, mid-level and upper-level executive management.

As the first part of the partnership between ICPF and N.C. State, ICPF will install a CAD table and Impact software in N.C. State’s new corrugated packaging lab this semester. Discounts and donations on the equipment, software, training, and installations are being provided to ICPF by Gerber Technology and Arden Software. With more than 180 students annually enrolled in the university’s Paper Science & Engineering program, N.C. State is working to become a major recruitment resource for ICPF Corporate Partners in the mid-Atlantic, southern, and other regions of the U.S. For more information, visit

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