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ICPF Launches VIRTUAL Student/Executive Dialogue Dinner

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

In response to the pandemic, the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) has taken its ongoing Student/Executive Dialogue Dinner series to a virtual platform.

The first virtual dinner was conducted on December 16, 2020. Over 35 students from 10 universities across the country (with education and interest in packaging engineering and production, sales, packaging design, graphic design, chemical engineering, supply chain management, and other related disciplines) participated. The students were joined by corrugated packaging executives from five ICPF corporate partners that included Green Bay Packaging, Hood Container Corp., Packaging Corp. of America, Pratt Industries, and WestRock. ICPF’s dialogue dinners are directed toward enabling top students who already have interest in corrugated packaging to learn more about the industry and its operations. Many of the participating students in each of the eight past years were recruited for internships and full-time positions through the company contacts they made during the dialogues and through referral to ICPF’s Career Portal. For those ICPF partner companies that have not posted 2021 openings, it’s not too late. Over 100 additional résumés are posted on the portal as well.

ICPF’s virtual dialogue dinner series is one of several new programs initiated by ICPF to expand its outreach during COVID-19 conditions. In early 2020, ICPF worked with colleges and universities to assist them in utilizing ICPF’s online corrugated packaging curricula as campuses around the country adjusted to set up distance-learning capability. ICPF additionally reached out to Arden and Esko to develop the capability for students to access design software remotely. Licensing previously required students to utilize Impact and Artios software directly from the computers located in the design labs on each campus.

This past summer, ICPF established a student advisory board that meets up to twice a month. The student advisors have provided valued input on the establishment of the virtual dialogue dinners and plans for converting ICPF’s annual Teleconference on the Business of


Students from 10 universities across the country participated in ICPF’s virtual Student/Executive Dialogue Dinner December 16. Their resumés, along with over 100 additional active resumés, are accessible to ICPF’s Corporate Partners through ICPF’s Career Portal’s Resumé Bank at

Corrugated Packaging & Displays and the Careers to a virtual format in February. Over 500 students from 20 campuses participate in the teleconference annually.

The student advisory board additionally has been helpful in this year’s expansion of ICPF’s program to identify and recruit ICPF student representatives on each university campus. Members also assisted in ICPF’s launch of a new industry mentoring program for students who are seeking internships and full-time positions during the reduction in the industry’s 2020 openings due to COVID-19. Most recently, ICPF’s new student program manager intern worked to identify available 2020–2021 scholarships for packaging students whose families may have been financially impacted by COVID-19. This work prompted several scholarship programs to provide additional funding to reopen or extend application deadlines.

Visit for more information on these and other ICPF programs.

width=118Richard Flaherty is president of the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation.





This past summer and fall, ICPF’s student advisory board discussed the best formats for ICPF’s recently conducted virtual Student/Executive Dialogue Dinner and for ICPF’s virtual Teleconference on the Business of Corrugated Packaging scheduled for later this quarter.

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