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ICPF Provides Awards to Expand Millersville and Indiana State Universities’ Packaging Design Programs

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2019

Rutgers packaging students working this past month to complete design assignments in the new packaging design lab that was launched this past fall semester through ICPF’s Corrugated Packaging University Awards program. Fifty seats of Impact design software, installation, and faculty training for the Rutgers lab were donated to ICPF by Arden Software.

In 2008, ICPF installed a CAD table and design software at Millersville University (MU) to introduce a packaging design program for MU’s graphic design students within the university’s Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology. Upon receiving an award request this past year from MU, ICPF purchased a TMI crush tester and a TMI burst tester to initiate new corrugated testing lab courses at the university that will commence this winter/spring 2019 semester. As part of the ICPF award agreement, MU has purchased a densometer and a TMI cobb-sizing tester to add to the lab. In addition to providing MU design students further knowledge on corrugated materials, the testing lab also will be used for early outreach and education for Pennsylvania high school STEM students that is provided each summer by MU’s College of Technology and Science.

TMI provided a special ICPF discount on all TMI testing equipment purchased by ICPF and MU.

Indiana State University (ISU) also conducts a packaging design track within its graphic communication program that is administered under its College of Technology. ISU applied to ICPF’s university packaging award program this past year as well. Indiana State will be provided up to $126,375 over three years to expand its corrugated packaging curriculum to create new certificate programs for corrugated sales, corrugated design, and structural design, and to conduct annual outreach to recruit upcoming high school graduates into ISU’s packaging design program. The short-term goal is a 25 percent or more increase in the annual number of ISU students being prepared for a corrugated packaging career by the end of the second year.

The assistance provided to MU and ISU is a part of the ICPF’s 2018–2021 Corrugated Packaging University Endowment Awards program in which ICPF’s 25 partner universities, as well as other colleges around the country were invited to submit proposals to expand or create new corrugated curricula. Eleven campuses that submitted proposals to create or expand corrugated curricula were selected to sign partnership/asset placement agreements to receive ICPF purchased equipment, donated design software, and funding for up to three years.

Just this past month, universities across the nation were re-invited to submit a new corrugated packaging curricula proposal in 2019 for ICPF’s annual university packaging award assistance.

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Richard Flaherty is president of the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation.