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January 23, 2024

ThermoZone™ Condensate Handling Station Expands Double Backer Window of Production

Are you looking to increase your production footprint while maintaining flat board? As demand for corrugated packaging increases, so does the need to offer various grades and more customizable packaging. You may need lower hot plate pressures or multiple pressure changes for different board grades. If pressure is too low, you risk flooding the hot plates; if pressure is too high, you may warp the corrugated board. Additionally, multiple grade changes may cause costly delays caused by slow hot plate pressure and temperature changes. The lack of system monitoring can compound these issues. To maximize the performance of your double backer, Kadant Johnson has introduced the ThermoZone condensate handling station. It uses readily available motive steam pressure to move condensate from a hot plate zone to the condensate return line, removing steam traps and the risk of flooding.

What can the ThermoZone condensate handling station do for you?

With the ThermoZone condensate handling station, you control the environment. It enables corrugators to operate their hot plates without the risk of flooding. Anywhere from near zero steam pressure up to 250 psi is possible with the use of a single high-pressure return line. Unlike diverter stations, a low-pressure return line is not required. There is no need to change setpoints on the ThermoZone station or adjust for different pressures and grades. In other words, the user doesn’t have to adjust for it to operate under different conditions. The optional rapid temperature response package includes steam system controls and rapid relief valves that can quickly lower hot plate pressures and temperatures with grade changeovers. Scalable to meet your needs, one- and two-zone configurations are available, or you can combine for three or more zones of coverage.

Kadant Johnson’s integrated performance monitoring gives operators visibility into system performance and detects issues before they become board defects. Visual and integrated system alerts notify personnel of current and potential issues affecting the condensate system. The easy-to-use operator interface screen allows the user to monitor performance, access trends, and read alarms. System diagnostics provide quick insight into troubleshooting and preventive maintenance locally or remotely.

Is the ThermoZone condensate handling station dependable?

Designed for corrugators, the ThermoZone condensate handling station is built to operate in the demanding environment of a double backer. Easy-to-remove, heavy-duty panels provide protection from contaminants while premium valves and controls offer stout durability. Guided wave radar level sensing continuously monitors condensate levels without immersion in the condensate, eliminating the potential for sensor fouling. Visibility into the condensate system allows for planned maintenance when service is needed. The ThermoZone station also functions as a steam trap for the condensate return line, without the maintenance nuisance of a steam trap. No more steam trap maintenance, no more flooding, and no more guessing. The ThermoZone condensate handling station gives you control over your condensate system, while enabling low pressures and rapid grade changes.

Ken Lahrke
Director of Industrial Sales

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