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Members in the News – May/June 2024

May 17, 2024

MHIA’s EVOL AR program in action

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA) made “significant enhancements” to its EVOL Digital Services program, including an expansion of its EVOL AR Library and its integration with the Maintenance Agreement Visits (MAVs) program, according to a company news release.

The expanded EVOL AR Library now includes “a complete set of augmented reality-enhanced procedures for the EVOL 100, providing a comprehensive collection of 120 operation and maintenance guides,” which “offer users immersive, step-by-step guidance to improve the ease and effectiveness of machine maintenance,” the release noted.

The company has also integrated EVOL Digital Services into its MAVs, which have been updated for customers automatically.

“At MHIA, innovation is our driving force,” said Christine Little, director of sales for MHIA’s corrugating machinery division. “These advancements in our EVOL Digital Services are part of our ongoing commitment to revolutionizing service operations and empowering our customers with cutting-edge tools for success.”

DS Smith has partnered with Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells (BeFC), a French developer of fully recyclable smart tags.

Together, the companies will look into smart packaging solutions made from recyclable paper, with the goal of tracking and monitoring product quality, reducing waste, and ensuring efficiencies throughout the supply chain, according to a company news release.

The partnership aligns with DS Smith’s “R&D and innovation investment announced in 2021 to accelerate work in the circular economy and offer packaging that has less impact on the environment,” the release noted.

“Corrugated packaging together with smart tech has a huge potential to reduce waste across the supply chain, but we’re not quite yet where we need to be,” said DS Smith Group R&D Director Magnus Renman. “We need more smart solutions that tackle inefficiency, cost, and most importantly, carbon emissions. We’re excited to be addressing this challenge head-on with BeFC through innovative, circular solutions designed to slash losses and improve sustainability.”

The Royal Group won four awards at the Shop! Association’s 65th annual Outstanding Merchandise Achievement (OMA) awards contest, which “honors retail displays that push the boundaries of merchandising and design today to set future standards,” according to a Royal news release.

The winning displays were as follows (pictured below):

  • The Responsible Beauty endcap won silver in the Cosmetic & Fragrance category.
  • The Michelob Ultra golf display won bronze in the Beverage category.
  • The Japonesque endcap won bronze in the Cosmetic & Fragrance category.
  • The Mars permanent wing display won bronze in the Drug Store Retailer category.

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