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ND Paper, Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021


ND Paper is a North American-based manufacturer of various types of high-quality pulp, paper and paper-based packaging materials. Its mills in Rumford, Maine, and Biron, Wisconsin, are integrated paper & pulp facilities, while the mill in Fairmont, West Virginia, is one of only three in the world that produces air-dried, recycled pulp. ND Paper’s fourth mill, in Old Town, Maine, produces unbleached softwood kraft pulp. ND Paper’s 1,400 employees produce more than 1.2 million short tons of pulp & paper annually and the company is headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.

ND Paper is your supplier of choice for all your pulp, paper, and now packaging needs. Our proud heritage in papermaking spans more than 100 years in resource-rich Maine, Wisconsin and West Virginia. Our paper products boast a well-earned reputation for durability, dependability, and consistent performance for a wide variety of applications.

Our greenfield old corrugated container (OCC) pulp processing plant and newly rebuilt paper machine in Biron, Wisconsin, has been optimized to meet your containerboard needs. OCC processing is more complex than just screening and cleaning. Our new facility not only thoroughly cleans the incoming raw material, but also optimizes fiber characteristics to provide the strength and printability required in today’s corrugated containers. Teaming up with the new OCC plant is our completely rebuilt paper machine, which has flexibility to produce both corrugated medium and linerboard products from 16# to 42#. Our linerboard products exhibit excellent bonding on one side, with superior printability on the other, without sacrificing any of the strength and durability you expect.

Joining our containerboard expansion is our family of virgin bleached and natural kraft products from our Rumford, Maine, mill. The fiber basket in northern Maine provides the raw material to meet the needs of this growing area for ND Paper.

These new packaging products join our renowned printing and specialty papers to provide a variety of optimal product solutions for your evolving business needs – ensuring your operations perform at maximum efficiency.


We are investing in our mills to ensure we can continue serving as your supplier of choice, now and for the next 100 years.

Sustainable paper for everyday life.

Learn more about ND Paper products and our 100-year outlook at