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By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=3682020 has brought challenges, a level of uncertainty, and a new way of doing things for everyone, including Pamarco and our corrugated clients. Due to many new safety guidelines we are unable to enter some customers’ locations, so we’ve introduced an anilox self-audit program. Keeping your anilox rolls in their best condition is important so we have provided many customers with the training and tools necessary to audit their anilox roll inventory. We have shown again and again that if an anilox roll loses more than 15% to 20% of its volume, to hit your Delta E targets and be able to hit the LAB for your spot color work you need extensive press side ink toning. So, it’s critical that your team know the condition of the rolls, whether they be plugged or worn, and be able to take the corrective action to resolve that problem. Pamarco’s auditing process, whether done by a Pamarco representative or the self-audit process, produces a professional report that gives you the data to control your printing process.

Growing our cell design portfolio this year, we added EZflo: a 30-degree channeled engraving that is recommended for applying either waterborne or UV coatings; it is also an ideal product for doing flood coating. This 30-degree channel carries the coating to the surface of the plate and then on to the substrate in a smooth, uniform fashion that provides the highest degree of gloss or smooth lay of the coating. Our 30-degree channel is ideally suited for high solids content/higher viscosity coatings that have slower flow characteristic. The EZflo engraving provides the ability of that coating to be applied at the proper coat weights. Our Eflo technology, 75-degree extended engraving, is ideally suited for lower viscosity/lower solid content coatings.

Through a rapid response from our hardworking team, we have been able to keep plants open and services available to meet the needs of our clients. Maintaining the daily operations of our facilities in Atlanta, La Palma, Walton, Roselle, and Palmyra has created many challenges, but we are proud to say that even in the face of all of this uncertainty, we were able to open our new facility in Batavia, IL, on time and on budget! The 36,000 square foot greenfield facility offers a streamlined production flow and plenty of room for continued growth. We are currently investing further in the future by adding more coating equipment and installing a new laser in Batavia for 2021. We are exceptionally proud of the strength and resilience of our dedicated employees as they continue to focus on the needs of our global clients. Our sales team has not slowed down and is out servicing the market every chance they are safely able to do so. We are positioned to continue to support and remain a leader in this industry well into the future and are looking forward to what 2021 has to offer.

width=147John Burgess

President of the Flexo Division




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