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Recruit 2019 Summer Student Interns and Graduates Through ICPF Now!

By AICC Staff

December 5, 2018

Throughout the year, ICPF has more than 700 students and upcoming graduates from 40 or more universities in its corrugated packaging network who wish to enter the industry. They rely on ICPF to alert them to specific openings in the industry.

ICPF’s Career Portal and Résumé Bank offer unique opportunities to fill your entry-level and student internship needs. Over the past eight years, each entry-level position and student internship posted on ICPF’s Career Portal, or promoted through ICPF’s corrugated packaging career network, has attracted an average of seven qualified applicants. And ICPF’s searchable Résumé Bank always has over 200 current résumés for your review.

Students and upcoming 2019 graduates have already begun seeking positions for next spring and summer. Do not delay on promoting your anticipated openings for packaging design, graphic design, sales, customer service, supply chain management, engineering, or business. For more information on using ICPF recruiting resources, contact, or call ICPF at 703-549-8580.

width=150Richard Flaherty is president of the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation.