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January 23, 2024

New Breed of Robots for Corrugated Manufacturing

Rigorous Technology was founded in 2020 by Colin and Diane Riggs to help independent manufacturers better leverage robotics and automation to achieve business goals. Whether a novel development program, or the Box Hopper prefeeding robot, Rigorous robots are designed for operators. We design robots to increase the efficiency of your team by relieving your team members of the heaviest and most repetitive tasks. Rigorous is based in Williston, Vermont, and serves corrugated customers across the US.

The Box Hopper

In 2022, Rigorous deployed the first Box Hopper, a novel prefeeding robot that is tailored to your operational requirements. The Box Hopper is a high-speed prefeeding solution for folder-gluers and other converting equipment.

Developed in partnership with Accurate Box Company, the Box Hopper has a compact footprint, advanced software, and optional pallet management to provide a fully supported, turnkey feeding solution.

Operator-Centered Design

In a world where downtime is the most expensive outcome, machines have to be easy to use and keep running. Our robots are delivered with best-in-class technology, built on a modern software architecture.

Operators use easy-to-follow directions on an intuitive, no-code user interface with advanced safety controls. Our digital controls leverage vision systems to sense the environment. Operators rely on features like auto-centering, automatic fault detection, and resolution.

Tailored Turnkey

In order to successfully leverage robotics to meet business goals, manufacturers must ensure a robot can be paired with their specific operational process, speed requirements, and product mix.

Rigorous partners with clients to ensure shared success. Corrugated manufacturers supply their requirements, constraints, and operational process. The design process must include significant customer input along the way, not just during the proposal stage. To Rigorous, an integration is a success when it is working in the field day after day, year after year, helping customers meet business goals.

Rigorous robots are built on a digital platform that links to pre-built, robust, field-tested software components. This means that when your Rigorous robot is installed, its core system is production-ready. Customized programs and features are run through simulation software and then rigorously tested in our robot lab.

Support and Data Analytics

Rigorous is committed to supporting our operators for the lifetime of our machines. Our customers can increase machine productivity over time by leveraging real-time, customer-facing data analytics.

In addition to on site maintenance services, Rigorous offers remote monitoring and support from our command center in Vermont. Rigorous’ digital controls allow for secure, remote log-in so we can see what your team can see with the system. Instead of waiting for a technician to be deployed on site, we can help your operators and maintenance team members diagnose and resolve issues in real time. We offer support packages based on input from our customers, including support-by-text, preventative maintenance plans, and curated data to optimize performance and inform best practices.

Rigorous is proud to offer an increasing number of software applications that create visibility into machine operations to facilitate ongoing improvements.

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Sales Manager 802-870-3700

Diane Abruzzini
Co-Founder and COO

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Co-Founder and CEO

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