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Searching for .038 CCNB Sheets

August 17, 2017

Al asks (responses are in italic): Are you aware of what mills would produce an .038 CCNB sheet?

Tom’s follow-up questions:

  • What is the typical run volume (tons), roll width or sheet size, and annual tonnage estimate?
  • Ship to location?
  • Is a laminated structure an option? (two .019’s mounted)
  • Does it require print, and if so what process will be utilized?
  • Is it going to be die cut, and again what process will be used?
  • Is it going to be glued, and does it need to have strong bending properties? (For example, a 180 degree pre-break on a gluer)

Al’s response:

  • 600,000 sheets of 28 x37-1/2 annually
  • Shipping to xxxx
  • We need to offset print one side 100% coverage a custom color
  • It will be die cut on a 28 x 40 format flatbed cutter
  • We will be wrapping paper to the news back side of the board and then the end of the wraps will glue to the clay coated side

Tom’s advice:

  • I would think E or F Flute would be a proper strength substitute….it may be more in the .045-.065 range.
  • You could actually print a light weight Top Sheet, maybe .008 -.012 SBS and have someone mount it. This may be cost effective as well vs all the fiber in .038. I suspect the Print Performance of lightweight SBS combined with the improved quality could potentially offset any price issue(?) 
  • Alternatively, you could find a supplier that can preprint a 28″ roll with beautiful solid colors on a roll to roll gravure press if they have the capability to combine the materials and sheet to your specs.





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