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Thanking Our Associates

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


When my sister, Jenise Cox, and I got into the family business in 2006, we knew very little about the industry, including the products and services our company needed. Through attending AICC’s meetings and utilizing AICC’s educational offerings, we began to learn a thing or two. Whether we have learned from the speakers at a meeting or from other converters and suppliers whom we have had the pleasure to get to know, with every AICC interaction, there is always a takeaway.

I tell people this Association has been invaluable to us. I truly believe being an active member of AICC has played a part in our company’s growth during our time as second-generation owners. We believe everyone, general members and Associates alike, is there to support one another and make our industry stronger and better for independents.

I have always appreciated the Big Associate Issue because it highlights our Associate members and gives them an opportunity to tell us who they are and what they do. Our Associate members are so valuable to independents and to our Association. Not only do they have products and services that support our industry, but they also play a big role in supporting AICC. We rely on them to keep us up to date on the most recent technology; we lean on them to volunteer as speakers and contributors at our meetings and for educational courses and publications.

Many Associates also offer support by sponsoring AICC events and donating to the Foundation for Packaging Education. We owe them a big thank-you for that. This financial support is greatly appreciated, and it helps AICC invest into more offerings for all members.

Our company has benefited from the relationships we make with the Associate members. We try to always look first at an AICC Associate member when we are getting ready to make a purchase. Supporting companies that support our Association is important, and in addition to that, they have great products and services to offer us.

So, take the time to read about our great Associate members and their products, and next time you see one of these members, thank them for all they do for us and our Association.

Always remember to “buy local.”


Jana Harris

CEO and Co-owner, Harris Packaging and American Carton Co.

AICC Chair