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Vocational and Technical College Program for Plant-Floor Recruiting

By AICC Staff

May 17, 2022

ICPF is constantly focusing on expanding existing programs and creating new initiatives. The foundation has recently launched a new pilot program in the Atlanta region to assist plants in working with two-year vocational and technical colleges to educate and recruit students for plant-floor operations and maintenance. To date, half a dozen packaging manufacturing operations are participating in the pilot. ICPF will use this pilot program as a prototype to work with two-year colleges in other cities around the country.

For those ICPF Corporate Partner firms that wish to contact vocational and technical colleges in their areas in advance of the completion of the ICPF pilot program, ICPF has compiled a list of contacts at two-year institutions of higher education in eight additional metropolitan areas, including Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Green Bay, and Milwaukee. These lists are available by contacting


Richard Flaherty is president of the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation.