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What’s in a Donation?

By AICC Staff

May 23, 2023


Corporate pledges from AICC members to the Foundation for Packaging Education continue to grow. Thank you so much for your ongoing support of the foundation’s important mission, the ongoing education of those employed in this great industry.


Many of you love this industry and AICC. Its members and its programming have a lot of meaning and a lot of memories for you. You tithe to your church, to the YMCA, to other nonprofits, but have you ever thought about giving personally to industry foundations, unless it was with your corporate money?

This is a growing trend among foundation pledge-givers—individual donations, either as an annual pledge or as a one-time donation. Many foundation supporters have made individual donations in memory of a loved one or in honor of a colleague.

The foundation publicizes corporate donations and celebrates them. The foundation appreciates and celebrates its individual donors on a lower-key basis. If you go to and click on “Donors” under the “About” tab, you will see all the committed companies and individuals who are supporting box plant workers. Here is where their largesse goes:

  1. Underwriting costs associated with providing education and training programs to the industry, curriculum development, learning management system platform costs, and instructor fees, thus helping to lower training costs for AICC members.
  2. Providing funds for a formalized certificate skills achievement program.
  3. Funding the creation of aptitude testing for pre-applicants for defined in-plant positions.
  4. Providing funds for in-person, goal-based training programs for manufacturing floor teams.
  5. Providing funds for educational and scientific research.
  6. Developing and supporting industry-specific paper-based packaging education and training programs.
  7. Funding and administering AICC’s Troll Memorial Scholarship Program.
  8. Assisting members in developing internship programs for their companies.
  9. Translating online courses into the Spanish language.
  10. Underwriting professional services, instructor fees, and staff support needed to oversee the execution and completion of all foundation activities.

Please click the “Donate” tab at, and join your colleagues in supporting the important work of the Foundation for Packaging Education.

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