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By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=161There are a lot of ERP systems in the market, but the difference is in how you choose your partner. A great ERP system is only as good as the people that provide you with extraordinary customer service when your company depends on it most. Choosing the right partner that will provide the software, support, and training for successfully implementing any ERP system is as important as selecting the right software.

For over 30 years, Advantzware has put our clients first. Our Customers First, Customers for Life is something we not only say, but is the foundation for everything we do. Our goal of meeting customers’ needs and creating experiences that lead to improved productivity and profitability with minimum levels of aggravation and stress drives us to innovate. Every new feature enhancement is based on our experience in working with our customers and getting their view and feedback before any changes are made. Depending on the customer’s business needs, configurations can be turned on if any new enhancements are desired whenever necessary, but until then they remain available but not active. Updates with new features are included in all support agreements and are made available monthly. This ensures customers receive the return from their investment and a minimal amount of disturbance to ongoing operations.

The demands of being an essential business today come with the need for a partner with the experience, tools, and solutions to provide real-time visibility into their operations to better streamline production and save time and money. Advantzware sells only what is available to deliver today, without promises of things to come. A core set of modules, plus a configurable set of optional modules work seamlessly together for highly efficient data entry and information workflow from a team that cares about you, your business, and your success. The results with any ERP system should be focused on growth, profitability, reliability, and visibility with Advantzware that comes from a partner you can depend on for years to come.

It’s been a tough few months as we navigate a new normal and do it in different ways, but if anything, this is a case where the right partner can be critical to your success. Amidst all the uncertainty, the industry has seen growth and new challenges to many packaging companies of all sizes. It is abundantly clear that having solid partnerships is more important than ever as a shift in packaging offerings, disturbances in the sourcing process, challenges with operations, and remote working environments impact the industry. While the needs of each customer are admittedly different, collaborative business relationships are the undisputed linchpin of the packaging industry’s successful return to normal.

So, Advantzware has been working tirelessly alongside our customers to deliver solutions to shift production and demand patterns with innovation designed to address the requirements of an independent packaging plant, full converting operation or part of an integrated company. Having a flexible and comprehensive technology system actively built with you in mind will be absolutely critical to successfully navigating through these times.


At Advantzware, a team of experts are always on stand-by to work hand in hand with partners to identify goals, business requirements, and the resources needed to ensure the implementation of Advantzware is successful for any organization. Advantzware is dedicated to your success and they are ready to help in any way they can by providing customers with:

  • Live Help Desk
  • Customer Portal for real-time support details
  • Free “Ask the Experts” monthly training webinars
  • Quarterly Update webinars
  • Customer Audits to maximize the use of the system
  • Detailed release notes and documentation
  • Appliance and Hosted options for guaranteed system performance

Whether your business is large or small, there are several ERP benefits your company can gain. To learn more about how Advantzware can help transform your company, get in touch and see the results.

Investing in Advantzware since 2015 and growing the organization to make a change in the way ERP systems were utilized in the industry has been our focus as most customers are still using a legacy system that lacks the needs of today’s environment. We are focused on the long term and look forward to speaking to you if you are interested in an ERP partner that puts you first and keeps you there.

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