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AICC Associate Members: Your Hidden Growth Asset

By Jay Carman

January 23, 2020

As you read through this third edition of the Big Associate Issue of BoxScore, I’m sure you are seeing the same thing that I see in these pages. Look closely amid the great equipment, the novel ideas, the clear vision, the new, the tried and true, and the unique. This is much more than a buyer’s guide. It’s a blueprint.

The theme of my chairmanship this year at AICC is growth. It is an inescapable fact that you cannot grow your business without trusted and reliable suppliers working with you. Entrepreneur magazine compiled a list of the unique ways that suppliers can impact your company:

  • Quality: Supplier components can positively or negatively affect the quality of your product.
  • Timeliness: Their timely deliveries and support are crucial to how customers view your reliability.
  • Competitiveness: They can give you the one-up on your competition based on their pricing, quality, reliability, technology, and knowledge of industry trends.
  • Innovation: Suppliers can make major contributions to your product development. They live their product more than you do; they’re working to always be on the cutting edge of what they do. The good ones will understand your company, the industry, and needs, and they can help you tweak your new idea.
  • Finance: If you’ve proven to be a considerate, loyal, and paying customer, you may be able to tap your suppliers for additional financing when you are in growth mode. That financing may take the form of postponed debt, extended terms, a loan, or some investment in your company.

AICC has nearly 200 Associate members. Many of them are engaged on committees, serve on the board of directors, and serve as advisors to the chairman. They sponsor AICC meetings and events, bring in new members, and support our growing education program. And they offer top-of-the-line equipment, accessories, services, materials, software, and experience. The blueprint is contained in these pages. Put yourself in a position for them to assist you in growing. They are worthy of your trust.

Buy AICC. Grow with AICC.



Jay Carman

President, StandFast Packaging Group

Chairman, AICC