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AICC Education Catalog

By AICC Staff

September 13, 2018

AICC is the leading educator for independent corrugated, folding carton, and rigid box converters. With nearly 50 free online courses, instructive seminars across the country, topical webinars throughout the year, and informative workshops at National Meetings and Summits, AICC can help everyone in your plant maximize their potential and your company maximize its profit.

Encourage your team to participate in the benefits available.

Getting Started & Refreshing Your Skills

Rigid Box Beginner Operator Training Seminar

(Tue.–Fri.) September 18–21, 2018

East Providence, RI

Taught by Emmeci trainers, this 3½-day seminar is designed for beginning operators who have run machines for at least six months and are ready to go to the next level. This course will show how to set up a job from start to finish. Participants will learn how to use a squaring tool, make wooden frames, and adjust forms, fingers, and other basic components of the machines. The session will give operators who frequently need help from more experienced co-workers the tools and confidence to set up and run jobs on their own.

Rotary Die Cutter and Flexo: Getting the Most Out of Your Equipment

(Wed.–Thu.) October 17–18, 2018

Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton, WI

Learn the best practices to produce quality boxes on your rotary die cutter at AICC’s new two-day course. The seminar will focus on how to safely produce quality boxes at speed on less-than-three-color machines. Participants learn the “why” behind best practices, and then learn by doing.

Corrugated Packaging Fundamentals Seminar

(Wed.–Thu.) October 24–25, 2018

This seminar is a comprehensive, interactive exploration of corrugated packaging technologies. It covers everything from raw material choices to packaging design, printing, converting, sustainability, and end use. Attendees will analyze various packaging solutions and examine the performance attributes of containerboard and corrugated board, including appearance, printability, and runability.

Folding Carton Fundamentals Seminar

(Wed.–Thu.) March 13–14, 2019

Graphco, Cleveland, OH

Examine the entire folding carton process, from raw material choices to package design, printing, and converting, from the paper supplier to the customer. Attendees will discuss the attributes of paperboard substrates—their strength, appearance, and printability. Participants will analyze current packaging solutions, and upon completion, attendees will be well-equipped to make valuable contributions to critical packaging decisions. The training includes a plant tour of Tap Packaging Solutions.

Available Anytime — Free Online Courses
  • Corrugated Basics 101, 102, and 103 (English & Spanish available): Learn the history, types of board, construction, configuration, and manufacturing of corrugated products in this three-part series.
  • Keeping Score: How to Read Financial Statements: Demystify the four most common financial statements: the purpose of the balance sheet, the income statement, the cash flow statements, and the ratio analysis. This course offers a practical approach for people of all levels of your packaging company to keep score using these tools.
  • Essential Principles of Water-Based Flexo Inks*: The course provides the basics needed for printers and suppliers of water-based inks. It was created with the support of BCM Inks.
  • Packaging Design Workflow: Course features the overall strategy utilized in developing a packaging system. After a recap on terms and basic design attributes, learn how to develop a design brief, kick off the project, brainstorm packaging ideas, and set up a timeline to production.
  • Paperboard Cartons: You will learn how paper is sourced and manufactured, what paperboard grade is best for your application, and the possibilities for creating unique, eye-catching paperboard packaging designs. You will have access to powerful tools that help you select styles, designs, point sizes, print processes, and pricing.
  • Safety Basics (English & Spanish available): This course provides employees with the knowledge and skills required to safely perform their assigned duties, recognize potential hazards, and avoid those hazards.
  • The Corrugator*: This course focusing on the corrugator dives into key sections and systems of the corrugator, including the wet-end, the dry-end, and the corrugator control system. It was created with the support of Fosber.

Moving Up

Digital Printing on Corrugated Seminar

(Wed.–Thu.) October 10–11, 2018

Hosted at Sun Automation, Glen Arm, MD

Learn from knowledgeable developers and users of digital print on corrugated. This course is intended for companies that are starting to use digital print or considering getting into it. The seminar will touch all the concerns and with direct digital print on corrugated. Many areas of the course will have hands-on training using a digital printer.

Sales Strategies for Today’s Market Seminar

(Tue.–Wed.) October 23–24, 2018

Hosted at W.H. Leary, Tinley Park, IL

Created specifically for the packaging industry to address challenges in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, this training seminar is designed to breathe new life into your sales team. Reality requires us to challenge established thoughts, robotic behaviors, and outdated processes. This program encompasses fresh new ideas and concepts to build a solid strategy for today’s competitive landscape.

Productive Machine Measurement Seminar

(Thu.–Fri.) January 10–11, 2019

Location TBA

Today’s workforce is most productive and engaged when trained and equipped, and when it receives consistent feedback. Participants will leave with tools for process improvement and communication to gain speed of setup and production with greater quality.

Flexographic Printing: Raising the Standard Seminar

(Wed.–Thu.) January 23–24, 2019

PrintCon Center, Clemson University, Clemson, SC

This popular seminar will focus on producing clean solids and line work, as well as halftones and spot colors. By balancing classroom sessions and time on press, participants will have a deeper understanding of the concepts and gain experience building standard works. Many troubleshooting will be addressed, from dot gain and die cutting to proper graphic design for corrugated to ensure the best results.

Digital Print Xperience

(Tue.–Thu.) February 26–28, 2019

Charlotte, NC

An event you don’t want to miss, this conference brings the top experts in digital print to one location for three days of training, networking, information booths, and more. Sessions will cover digital operation, sales, machinery, inks, printing, and more. Learn from the best in digital, and meet others who are already printing and selling digital to learn from their experiences.

Litho Press Seminar

(Wed.–Thu.) March 20–21, 2019

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

It’s never been more important to understand the value provided by various types of print technology. Never has effective production been as essential to profitability as it is right now. During this course, the best practices of lithographic/offset printing will be shared at one of the world’s premier packaging schools.

Best Practices for Corrugated Operators & Maintenance

(Wed.–Thu.) April 17–18, 2019

BW Papersystems

Phillips, WI

This two-day course is focused on gaining a greater understanding of corrugator capabilities, and how to keep it in peak condition. Participants will learn at a state-of-the-art corrugated plant and BW Papersystems’ corrugator assembly facility. Steve Nerney and the rest of the tech team will discuss corrugator controls and maintenance protocols for troubleshooting and quality preventative maintenance practices.

Total Production Maintenance on the 3-Color RDC & Flexo

(Tue.–Wed.) April 24–25, 2019

Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton, WI

This seminar will help managers, maintenance personnel, and equipment operators combine their efforts to prevent equipment problems and losses in safety, time, and money. Expert trainers of Fox Valley Technical College are joined by Craig Gary of Westrock to explore the theory and practice of maintaining healthier machines. Companies will get the most out of a machine of any age.

Available Anytime — Free Online Courses
  • Communication for Coaches: Modern management requires coaching skills, and first among these skills is communication. Participants complete a short survey that provides real-world feedback on business.
  • Distribution: In this course, learn all the ways to distribute a package, including space optimization and various green practices to ensure best shipping methods. The complete supply chain overview is taught.
  • Achieving Higher Levels of Productivity: This course will discuss exactly what can be done on and around the press to sustain color, reduce changeover, and maintain consistent quality throughout the run—streamlining the process and improving your bottom line.
  • Fingerprinting the Flexographic Press: Learn to validate the settings on any flexographic press in order to diagnose for improvement and to gain speed, quality, and repeatability of print.
  • Faster, Better, Smarter With Value Stream Maps: This course gives an essential understanding of the tools for analysis and improvement of material and information flow. The various uses of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) will be described. Participants will learn to map material flow through the supply chain, production, and warehousing to eliminate bottlenecks and reduce inventory costs.
  • Optimizing the Flexographic Printing Process*: This course covers flexo printing, from the beginning of the process to optimization techniques for maximum performance. It was created with the support of Pamarco, JB Machinery, Printron, and Absolute.

Reaching the Top

School for Financial Managers Seminar

(Tue.–Wed.) November 13–14, 2018

Hosted by W.H. Leary, Tinley Park, IL

Keep pace with today’s financial realities in the corrugated industry. Our curriculum is designed entirely around case studies. Topics will focus on that will give senior management a better understanding of your company’s financial strategy. This course also provides three hours of CPE credit.

Production Leadership Seminar: Next-Level Supervision of People & Process

(Thu.-Fri.) January 10–11, 2019

Location TBA

Keep your best people, improve productivity, and make best practices become your common practices. With constant changes in the marketplace and workforce, supervisors must be continuously equipped to improve productivity and retain their best people. This course provides any manager in the packaging industry (corrugated, folding carton, or rigid box) education and hands-on experience with the tools of leadership and improvement.

Available Anytime — Free Online Courses

Packaging Regulations: Laws and regulations are used to protect people and limit environmental damage that is caused in the packaging process. There is not one sole governing body for packaging regulations, and as such, individual agencies and their pertinent laws are examined.

Go Team! How to Make Your Team More Productive: Understand the stages of team development so you can lead them to higher productivity. You will learn to build a Team Charter, identify the functional stage, and equip them to accomplish more and enjoy the process!

Navigating Time: Time Management for the Job Shop: This course guides you through the process of goal-​setting and scheduling to achieve greater balance and get more done on the things that matter most.

Project Planning: MAPP the Project for Success: This course gives an essential understanding of the tools for analysis and improvement of material and information flow. The various uses of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) will be described. Participants will learn to map material flow through the supply chain, production, and warehousing to eliminate bottlenecks and reduce inventory costs.

Sustainable Packaging: This course outlines ways that professionals can increase sustainability. This involves increased use of life-cycle inventory and life-cycle assessment to help guide the use of packaging, which reduces environmental impacts and ecological footprints.

Delegation DIY: Learn to be more productive while investing in the knowledge and skill of your direct reports, and learn to evaluate the level of delegation at which others delegate to you.

More courses are available for all levels of experience. Learn more at and