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AICC New-Year Sale

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2019

“AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, has been providing quality industry information for decades. Now AICC is offering a significant discount on many of its most popular publications, including:

2017 Sales Compensation Report: Based on a comprehensive survey of U.S. converting members, the survey details sales compensation programs in place at independent plants around the country. Was $195; now $95.

Equipment Justification Guide: This guide provides you with a formula to assess both need and value when considering the purchase of capital equipment, as well as a checklist that you can use to evaluate and compare different options. Was $195; now $100.

Human Resource Management Guide: The handbook contains general information and guidelines presented in clear and easy language that can be incorporated into any company’s employee handbook. Was $195; now $100.

SafetyFirst DVD (English/Spanish): A corrugated-specific DVD covering the most important aspects of plant and equipment safety in corrugator and sheet plants. Was $395; now $150.

Understanding the Key Characteristics of Linerboard and Medium and Their Impact on Combined Corrugated Board: This updated brochure is intended to provide corrugators, sheet feeders, sheet plants, and their suppliers with selection criteria to evaluate various containerboard grades. Was $35; now $15.

Welcome on Board: This guide is divided into four main sections (Onboarding and Orientation, Process of Implementation, Roles & Process Owners, and Phases & Key Activities) and includes sample checklists, communication plans, manager tools, and a resource guide for employees. Was $145; now $75.

AICC has also recently released two free white papers:

“Advantages of Corrugated Microflutes Versus Paperboard”: At the 2018 AICC Spring Meeting, in Phoenix, Tom Weber, AICC folding carton/rigid box technical advisor, and Ralph Young, AICC corrugated technical advisor, facilitated a “Flutes vs. Paperboard Workshop and Roundtable Discussion” on microfluted products (E, F, N, and O), comparing them to solid fiber paperboards such as solid bleached sulfate, coated recycled board, and uncoated recycled board applications for folding carton and rigid box. That discussion inspired the writing of this free resource to AICC members to expand upon the uses of corrugated microflute in traditional paperboard applications.

“Score Cracking: Causes, Characteristics, and Cures”: Curated by AICC Corrugated Technical Advisor Ralph Young, the free paper addresses score cracking, an issue faced by all corrugated converters.

Visit to purchase these and other key industry publications. No discount code is necessary. For more information about the sale or the publications available for independent corrugated, folding carton, and rigid box converters, contact Maria Frustaci, director of administration, at 703-836-2422 or