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AICC Online Education: Spring Ahead or Fall Back

By Michael D'Angelo

June 1, 2018

If you are reading these words, please make a promise to yourself to share this article with the person responsible for HR and/or training in your company.

width=275No, this is not about clock settings—although there is a “tick, tick, tick, tick” element to the topic at hand—it’s about getting, keeping, and educating your workforce. Nearly 100 percent of AICC members, your peers, cite that as the No. 1 issue that they face in their companies. If you are not aware, AICC offers its members free online education to each and every employee. This is your best way to get out in front of the employee issue—partnering with your Association and its Packaging School partner (

The number of member companies and their employees accessing and completing courses online through AICC’s Packaging School is at an all-time high. Yet, despite AICC’s best efforts to promote this service, the percentage of users compared to the overall AICC employee member pool remains low. This is where you and your HR resources become critical—getting the word out to your employees. There are more and more success stories coming in on how AICC online education is making a difference in the onboarding processes at member companies and in overall employee satisfaction.

One member has every new employee take AICC’s Safety Basics online course as part of onboarding. A member that purchased a new flexo had their press crews take AICC’s Corrugated Fundamentals course prior to receipt of the new machine. The press manufacturer’s trainer reported that he had never seen more prepared and engaged people as part of a startup training process. More and more members are integrating AICC online courses into their own processes in useful and creative ways. Younger employees especially want their employers to invest in them and provide for them a path to improve and grow.

AICC online education has a robust current course count of 40, with new courses added on a regular basis. Courses come from AICC’s partner, The Packaging School; from AICC’s professionals; and from the AICC Education Investor program, which already counts Fosber, BCM, Sun Automation, Pamarco, JB Machinery, Absolute, Printron, Kruger, and EFI among its contributors. These companies are contributing not only financial resources to the effort of industry education, but also subject matter experts and in-depth, practical knowledge on a broad range of subjects.

In addition, during 2018 AICC has an aggressive plan in place to translate all online education content into Spanish to make packaging industry education even more accessible and valuable to you, our members.

You don’t have to do this on your own. AICC staff can assist you at each step along the way. Contact AICC’s director of education and training, Taryn Pyle (, to learn more. AICC is also available to come to your plant or to your next management meeting to present and review with you and your staff the world of AICC and industry education. Contact AICC Vice President Mike D’Angelo at to see how you can take advantage of all that is available simply through the fact that you are an AICC member in good standing.

Employee education = your success. It’s time to spring ahead or fall back. Tick, tick, tick, tick.

width=150Mike D’Angelo is vice president at AICC. He can be reached at 703-836-2422 or