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By AICC Staff

February 6, 2018

Are you tired of paperwork? Do you want your team to be educated, but don’t want to sign approvals for each and every course?

The AICC Education iPass streamlines how you and your employees register for AICC seminars and webinars. One pass, one code, ALL ACCESS. No approvals, no credit card charges, and one code enables you to get webinars and seminars at a discount.

width=400When you invest in professional development, you invest in your organization’s potential. You equip your team with shared knowledge that helps them perform at a high level, and you position your organization to attract and retain top talent—professionals who value continuous learning and career growth.

The iPass offers the best way to meet your team’s professional development needs. You don’t have to commit to particular programs or dates in advance.


  • Discounts on all education course offerings: seminars, webinars, workshops, and education programming at AICC National Meetings and Summits.
  • Nothing to lose, your investment carries over year-to-year.
  • Employees can register for courses important for their development, knowing they are already approved and receive discounts* on registration fees.
  • Employees stay current on what AICC is offering, and you know they are getting quality industry education.


What’s included?

AICC’s live webinars, seminars, and workshops are covered by the iPass, including seminars held in conjunction with National Meetings and Summits.

It does not cover AICC National Meeting or Summit registrations. To you as an AICC member, all online courses are already free, so online education is not impacted by the iPass.

How can I purchase an iPass?

All current AICC members are eligible to purchase the iPass bundles. If you are interested in a cost-efficient way to plan for your staff’s professional development, please contact Taryn Pyle at or 703-535-1391.

When will our iPass account expire?

Your company’s iPass account will never expire. But we do hope you will use it!